Fall Outerwear

Hey girls! It's getting chilly outside, and time to grab that jacket before you head out. So what's in for fall outerwear? I've noticed a few trends that will keep you warm and stylish :)

A couple trends that I saw in just about every type of outerwear:

  • Asymmetrical zippers and buttons! I've seen these everywhere. You can zip/button them diagonally, or leave them open- which I think looks just as cute! This trend is popular in blazers, leather jackets, and just about every other outerwear except for maybe denim!

  • Double breasted coats and jackets! This style is also popular in many types of outerwear, looks great on fleece/wool jackets, blazers, and raincoats. I've always loved this trendy look in menswear, so I'm excited to see even more of it in the women's' department!

Ok so let's talk about some essentials you'll want in your autumn and even winter wardrobe. There's so many outerwear styles, I just tried to categorize a few of them!

  • Blazers! Blazers aren't meant to serve as warm jackets, but since they work so well with fall outfits I felt it would be wrong to exclude them! A lot of blazers are dressy, but can easily be pulled off in a more casual outfit. Other blazers are a little more casual and will go with just about anything. I love the look of a collared or plaid shirt under a blazer with the sleeves cuffed! There are so many ways to wear them and spice up boring outfits, definitely a fall staple!

  • Wool/Fleece Jackets and Coats! You've seen this style for quite a long time, so no worries, your peacoat is still trendy! This is more of a warmer type of outerwear, but there are lighter jackets for milder fall weather (think fleece and NorthFace). Like I said, double breasted button-downs are very popular, and so are colorful peacoats like this pink one from Old Navy.

  • Bombers Jackets! I absolutely love this very cool, almost edgy trend in jackets. Some are  military like, some punk rock-ish, and even others almost look like letter jackets. It's a hard look to describe and there are many interpretations, so just check out the racks. You'll definitely see them!
  • Leather/Pleather! This trend would go along with bomber jackets because so many of the bombers are leather, or at least imitation leather :P. If leather ever used to seem out-dated or trashy, this new trend has totally changed all of that! There are so many cute styles that are using leather. Anyone can pull off this trend, even if you're not the hardest rocker on the block!

  • Trench/Rain Coats. Hard to think of a better title for this trend. This includes a lot of styles, but a commonality is the belt at the waist. Whether the jacket is long or normal length, it's flattering to your waste line and can be worn with many outfits. Longer jackets look great with jeans and tall boots!

  • Denim Jackets! What says fall more than that classic jean jacket? These are very popular in stores and are super cute whether you get them in a light, medium, or dark wash. If you're feeling stylin', pop that collar, and don't be afraid to try denim on denim (with different washes), that's totally in this season!

There's so much more outerwear, but that'll have to wrap up this post! Happy shopping, and stay warm!

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