First Things First

I think we should start with first things first.
Before we talk about clothes, or make up, or anything else, the deadly topic of inner beauty should be covered.
What is inner beauty? For me, it all starts with having a love for people. A concern and willing heart to serve and help our fellow man. It starts with selflessness, gentleness, self control, kindness, love, ect.
Inner beauty is cultivated by a sense of just being real. Not putting on a show or saving face. Being all things to all men. Really I could go on about this for ages.
But let's stick with this condensed "field guide" to cultivating inner beauty:

1) Love others as you would love yourself.
2)Be real, no matter what it will do to your status or standing with certain people.
3) Be kind and gentle with all but firm, affirming and encouraging in the same breath.
4)Let it start with the inside. Cultivate beauty from the inside and the rest will be a natural flow.

Simplistic, I know. But I don't see being put any other way.

Stay beautiful!


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