What is Your Clothing Personality?

No matter if we like it or not, a first impression tells you a lot about a person. How they do their hair, how they carry themselves, and what kind of clothes they wear can give you a glimpse into their personality before you even get to know them. Ever wonder what kind of clothes you should wear to give people the right idea about your personality?
If you wear the right clothing personality, you should feel confident and love what you wear. You’ll probably be able to scroll right down this page and find it by looking at the outfit pictures. If you’re not quite sure, read on!

The Girl Next Door

You’re the casual, laid back girl with a cute, comfy style. You’ll usually choose practicality over fashion and your wardrobe staples include jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. You probably wear your hair tousled and easy under your favorite beanie hat. You’re simple, easy, and reserved. You don’t especially like standing out, you’d rather blend in with the crowd.

The Boho Girl

You are a free spirit! You don’t let anyone tell you what to do…or what to wear. You like things natural, and you go with the flow of what feels right to you. You’re attracted to exotic print dresses and tunic tops, long peasant skirts, wide leg jeans, and accessories with feathers, leaves, or beads. On your feet, you’re most likely either wearing strappy sandals or moccasins.

The Cowgirl

You like all things county! You’re a small town girl and not ashamed to admit it. You are a very down to earth person and love things that remind you of being home in the country. The staples of your wardrobe are a trusty cowgirl hat and sturdy boots. You mostly like wearing jeans you can get dirty in, but you’re not afraid to look cute with your fun, frilly skirts. Ride on, cowgirl!

The Edgy Girl

You are most likely an artsy girl who loves music, whether it be listening to it or making it yourself. You might also like drawing, photography, or writing. You’re into setting trends instead of following them. You can also be seen wearing something black, but not without bright colors. Your favorite accessories are probably something studded, a striped or plaid scarf, and converse shoes in your favorite color.

The Romantic Girl

You are a very feminine girl, and not at all afraid to act like it. You adore the old movies and are attracted to vintage things. You like it best when things are soft and pretty, so on clothes, you love lace, ruffles, and flowy fabrics in soft colors, like pinks, pastels, and off-white. You like small accessories, especially bows, flowers, hearts, and locket-and-keys.

The Sophisticated Girl

You’re very mature for your age and carry your head high. The clothes you like wearing will never go out of style. People might describe your style as “classy”, “chic”, or even “conservative”. Your wardrobe mostly consists of things like a cardigan, a blazer, trouser pants, and a pencil skirt: mix and match to create a flattering outfit for any event. To dress up your outfits, you love wearing statement jewelry and oversized Jackie-O sunglasses.

The Unique Girl

You’re a very trendy girl, creative and bold, with an eye for the unusual. You love neon colors and animal print: anything to attract attention to your eclectic style. You’re current on the latest trends but it doesn’t completely dictate your style. You’re the kind of girl who will wear something because it’s “cute”, not comfortable. You might wear certain kinds of outfits for a couple months, then ditch them and buy different outfits, maybe because the trends change, or because you’re just bored.

Which Clothing Personality are you? Comment below!

Note: You may be a mixture of two styles. I’m romantic-boho. Unique and edgy also mesh well, as do the cowgirl and the girl next door.


  1. Hmm, I'm a mix between "Girl Next Door" and "Edgy." haha! :D Awesome post- thankya!


  2. wow, i'm a mix between: girl next door, cowgirl and sophisticated! nice post sarah!

  3. I think that I'm probably romantic girl-next-door.

  4. Hmmm, I think I''m "Bohomantic"....:)

  5. I'm a edgy romantic country girl next door if that makes any sense lol....
    because I like:
    -converse, skinny jeans, bright colors
    -lace, ballet flats, dresses
    -cowgirl boots, floral skirts/dresses, old jeans
    -and cute comfy clothes

    haha i like lots of things :P

  6. Thanks for this post! I am currently trying to find MY style, and thanks to you I believe I know. My style would be The Girl Next Door, with a side of Romantic Girl. And anything with a big belt to complete the outfit is me. :)

    Have a great day! xxxx~Kelsey

  7. I'm a romantic-boho, like you! Sometimes there is a tiny bit of sophisticated girl mixed in too.. lol

  8. Haha! I'm Country Girl and Girl Next Door! More country than anything!!! haha!! Nice job!

  9. I'm a Sophisticated Romantic Cowgirl. :)

  10. Girl next door/Boho/Edgy/Romantic girl :) All mixed together :D So, I guess I could be the Edy Boho girl that lives next door and is a bit of a romantic ;)

  11. i'm definitely girl next door with a little edgy in there! :p

  12. I'd have to say the The Sophisticated Girl

  13. ima mix of the edgy and unique girl! totssss my style!!!


  14. Edgy :D
    Though, I'm still no good with fashion or anything of the sort :/ More often than not I just throw on a black t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Airwalks.

  15. Fun post! I think I'm a Romantic Cowgirl! :)

  16. How about an Edgy-Bohoromansophisistique?

  17. No, make that an Edgy-Bohoromansophistique next door!

  18. You explain all the differences very well

  19. I think I am a romantic boho too!


  20. I really like your blog! You have so many great articles! I blog, too but not on fashion (though I love to read blogs on fashion/modesty.)

    This post was awesome! You really explained each style while making them sound special, and beautiful. I think I'm a romantic/sophisticated girl. I love my oversized sunglasses and cardigans but I also adore pretty dresses and flowers in my hair (wearing one right now, in fact!)

    God bless!

  21. I guess I'm A Girl Next Door, because I live on a farm and I'm a tom-boy, that style suits me best.

  22. This was a great post. I think I'm probably the Girl Next Door, but maybe a little edgy and a little romantic. I love the whole outfit you put together for the Girl Next Door! It's adorable! Could you possibly tell me where you got the pieces? They are so cute!

    Thanks! xx

  23. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe!

  24. Definitely a mix between Girl Next Door and Romantic. Love simple silhouettes and staple items, but still love pastels and loose, flowy fabrics.

  25. Thanks Sarah! I'm definitely going to go look for them! :)

  26. Wow, my style has changed! Now I'm Edgy and Unique.

  27. I think I'm a cross between The girl next door and the Edgy girl :) Fun post!



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