How to Wear Tank Tops Modestly!

I don't know about you, but it's super hot right now where I live! Actually, I think it's really hot all over the country! When the temperatures shoot up, it's very tempting to compromise modesty standards. I used to just stay away from tank tops completely because I didn't think it was worth it to try and find some that weren't too tight, too loose, too low, too short, etc. Well here are some tips on how you can stay cool while wearing tank tops but also not exposing too much skin or looking skimpy!

Don't show the Straps!
Now only are showing bra straps a stumbling block to our Christian brothers, but they just look tacky! I know it can be tempting to say "Come on! It's just a strap!" but hiding bra straps may be easier than you think and definitely is the right thing to do (Christian guys really appreciate it!)
Strapless bras are a great option because it solves the problem, no straps! If those work for you, go for it! But for me strapless bras just don't work. They're uncomfortable and keep sliding off (lol). So, racer back bras! (Bras that have crisscross straps like an "X" in the back). They make some bras that convert from regular to racer back so those are a great option.

Layering can be great with tank tops! You can still wear that cute floral one even though the neckline is a bit to low because you can wear the solid white one underneath with the higher neckline! Just not too many layers (two thin ones is the max for me), the point is to stay cool!

Where do I Find these High-Necked Tank Tops?!
I get frustrated when people say "Oh just wear layers so your necklines are high enough!" but them I'm thinking "Ok well where do I find tank tops that come high enough!?!" Haha.
Old Navy in the girls section is has some great tank tops that come high enough (about two fingers below my collar bone.) I usually wear one of those and then another one over that because the girls ones are too short. I'm about a size medium in the ladies section and a girls XL tank top still fits me. But they're starting to get too small haha.
Another great place? The guys department! You can buy a package of 3 guys tank tops for about $10 at Walmart. They're high-necked, and long enough to tuck into your shorts. Then you can wear your favorite stylish one over it!
Aeropostale sometimes has some high-necked spaghetti strap shirts that you can wear under a tank top.

Here are my guidelines for modestly when it comes to tanks:
-No cleavage (4 fingers below my collar bone is the lowest I'll go.)
-No stomach when I raise my arms.
-Make sure the tank isn't too loose, you don't want to see anything in the arm holes! (Or just wear a tight fitting one underneath.)
-Not too form fitting.
-No bra straps.
-No spaghetti straps (they just look skimpy!)

With these tips, you can wear tank tops modestly! Searched and searched for a modest tank but can't find one? It's ok! Don't waste your time. Just wear a loose fitting, comfy t-shirt and you'll stay cool and look beautiful!

Enjoy your summer!!:)



  1. This is great advice. Thank you!!

  2. You can also wear tank tops backwards for a higher neckline! Also, if your at all handy with sewing, stitching the shoulder straps up helps a ton!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Great tips! I too have done what Natasha suggested--wear the tank top backwards! That way the higher side is covering up what needs to be covered! =)

  4. @Natasha
    YES! Thats a a great idea too - wear them backwards! I had heard of that once before but forgot to mention it in this article :)

  5. I have one of those converting bras and I love it!

  6. Hi Grace, this is a great post. Love what you said about layering two tank tops-that's a great idea plus its quite fashionable. Along those lines you could probably achieve a similar effect with a women's blazer as long as the blazer isn't too loose or too tight.

    As far as the cut on women's tanks, that's a great point. Interestingly, there was a review that was done on the women's tanks that we carry on or site where the blogger (Dee on FiddleDeeDee) mentioned that she liked the higher cut on our tanks.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  7. Cool ideas but I would just wear the tank top plan and pretty...thank you

  8. I don't know, a tank top still isn't very modest. But I do agree, don't ever show your bra straps.

  9. Thank you for this I'm only in middle school and I'm not stick this so is really don't want too show a lot of skin when I'm wearing a tank top ��

  10. Greta comments! Thanks for sharing all of the tips.

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