Hair Tips From a Pro

Do you ever hear people say you should get your hair cut once every 8 weeks but you never believed them or never knew why? Do you hear these things all the time and wonder if they are true? I asked my hair stylist, Carrie Cole, if they were true and why? Here's what she had to say.

1) You should not wash your hair everyday because it robs your hair from its natural oils which keep your hair healthy.

2) You should not sleep with your hair in a clip or ponytail because it rips out your hair as you toss and turn in the night. It also knots it.

3) Never brush your wet hair. It pulls it out and makes it thin. Instead use a wide tooth comb and work from the bottom up to get the knots out. When your hair is dry, carefully use a brush and work from the bottom of the knot up.

4) Before doing any sort of swimming, put conditioner in your hair and let it sit for five minutes. It helps keep your hair healthy and help keeps it from getting damaged by the harsh chemicals in the water.

5) Even if you are trying to let your hair grow out, you need to have your hair trimmed every 8 weeks. People think not getting it trimmed will help it, but actually, they are wrong. The ends of your hair need to be kept up with. If the ends are dead, your hair will not grow as fast.

6) To protect your hair from major heat damage, add a bit of oil to your hair. The heat will burn off the oil and not your hair. Say, "bye bye, heat damage!"

7) Deep condition your hair once a month. For a cheap and quick deep condition, put lots of conditioner in your hair and put on a shower cap. Stand in the sun of 10 to 20 minutes and rinse. When you shower you should keep your conditioner in for 5 to 7 minutes.

Happy Hair Day!


  1. I'm trying to grow my hair out longer, I'll have to get it trimmed more often :) Do you have any other tips on how to make your hair grow faster? Such as vitamins, certain foods etc? Any advice would be appreciated! =D

  2. Grace, along with the tips above, a protein-rich diet and 8 hours of sleep at night helps improve the health of your hair. When your hair is healthy, it grows faster!

  3. Awesome tips! I was reading this right before I went to bed and I had my hair pulled up but after reading your post I quickly took it down to avoid hair damage! Whew!

  4. I wash mine every day. My hair is straight so if I don't it ends up looking gross and oily. When I curl my hair, I don't wash it for a day or two :D

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  5. Elaine, I wash my hair everyday as well, and it's very healthy! I've heard a lot about shampoo stripping your hair of natural oils, but I don't think the people who give that advice are thinking of us oily-haired ladies. We can wash ours everyday because we make too many of those natural oils and it's perfectly fine if the shampoo strips some away!

  6. Elaine and Sarah, I am the same way. Straigth is go one dayand curly I go two days. I have a lot of oil in my hair so I don't really listen to this rule either. LOL

  7. Hey Girls, i just found your blog and I have to say I"M IMPRESSED.
    I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a girly girl, but I really am liking what I see here. And i do have a large interest in fashion and makeup...
    Anyway. I really, reallly, reaaallly like what you are standing for. I read through all your little posts on modesty and beauty and I say "amen sisters!". True, biblical beauty and modesty is a dying thing in our world and it is really cool to find some other young women of God who still believe what I do/what the bible says!!!! So cool! I'm following now!

    ...and if anyone cares about my hair it is thick, long and could probably go like 3 days without being washed. but I wash it every other day. It is healthy, i'd say. And my best friend/hair stylist agrees with me. :)

  8. i loooove #7... will try it asap!

  9. GREAT tips! I have to say, #5 isn't totally true, even though the general idea is correct. Your hair is dead and it grows from the roots, not the ends, so getting a regular trim will NOT make it grow faster. But when hair splits, the ends look thinner, so getting a trim might make it APPEAR longer because the ends are fuller without the breakage. Because of this, getting a trim won't make hair grow, but it will keep it looking healthier and will stop your hair from splitting higher up the hair shaft. (:

    God bless,
    Melissa Renee



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