Autumn 2010 Trend Report

Our society’s obsession with sexiness makes it incredibly hard to be a classy girl. How can we be in style without flaunting all we have? Let’s take a look together at these trends and figure out how we can “mod”ify them!

We’ll start with some that don’t need changing.

Buttoned-up collars…ALL the way up!
This reminds me of 50’s vintage! It gives us a more modest way to wear tops instead of letting our gifts hang out. You will see this trend on all kinds of tops and dresses this season!

High-waisted pants and skirts
The rise of pants is a trend that just keeps changing! This fall, it’s high-rise all the way! It looks ultra feminine and classy. But be careful if you choose high-rise pants and jeans, because they tend to give ladies with more in the hip area a larger belly and behind!

Military styles
Okay, so this isn’t so new. We first saw the military jacket last fall, and since then, it has evolved into tops, bottoms and dresses. I’m personally not too fond of it (unless you want that colonial warrior look…I don’t find it very feminine), but I was pleasantly surprised to actually find some halfway-feminine-looking military styled clothing, like this:

Chunky and statement jewelry
This isn’t new either. Oversized necklaces, bracelets, and rings, this trend is sticking around because the right jewelry can spice up any outfit! So keep on wearing that big ‘ol piece…no need to put it away yet!

Leather in all colors for both jackets and pants are in. I’m not too sure about this trend myself; it reminds me of an old motorcycle lady riding behind her long-haired husband! But I may change my mind. We shall see.

White tights
Remember pulling on your white tights as a little girl to go with your favorite winter dress? Now white tights are for the older girls too! They remind me of a frosty, wintery look. Wear them with your skirts to keep your legs from freezing as autumn turns to winter (or if you’re daring, colored thigh-length shorts)!

Seriously? Are we superman? I find this trend a bit odd and outdated-looking. In my opinion, they may have tried to bring this trend back too early. But that’s just me.

Padded shoulder sleeves
We have an 80s flashback with the padded shoulders! This is actually kind of cute (don’t tell my mom, she doesn’t want to relive the 80s!), but I’m not sure if I’ll get brave enough to wear it.

This is totally a 90s flashback. I actually had a red velvet dress and a blue velvet dress as a child (and I loved them, but I have no desire to revisit that trend).

Now here are some immodest trends and ideas to make them modest!

Knee-high/over the knee socks
Normally worn with knee-high socks are short skirts and booty shorts. But you can achieve this same look by paring them with thigh-length shorts, or skirts that hit just above the knee. Rock your knee-highs with converse-type shoes or, for a more sophisticated look, wear with closed-toe high heels.

Lacy sheer clothing
This is actually a very pretty trend, but it is mostly worn with undergarments showing through. Wear a full coverage tanktop underneath, and cover up those delicates!

Lingerie as outerwear
It’s becoming a trend to let your bra show outside your clothes. How to make this modest? That’s an easy one…keep it inside your clothes where it’s meant to be! Most people don’t want to see that anyway.

Cut-out clothing

It’s becoming popular to make holes in clothes where they don’t belong. Either layer a shirt underneath, or better yet, buy an outfit that doesn’t have pieces missing!

Thigh-high boots
You might be wondering how boots can be immodest. It’s not really the boots, it’s just what they’re worn with. Like knee-high socks, thigh-high boots tend to be worn with short skirts and booty shorts, so there is skin showing between the top of the boots and the hem of the fabric. But if you want to be daring and break that rule, wear the boots with a flowy skirt that covers the top of them.

Jeggings are a fusion of jeans and leggings. Since so many women have been wearing leggings as pants, they decided to make them with denim. They are a huge hit for this season! But sorry to tell you, just because it’s denim doesn’t make it better than wearing leggings alone. So if you want to wear these, layer a skirt over top (as long as it’s not denim as well), or just stick to wearing your skinnys a size or two bigger.

More trends…

Red is the color of the season! Anything red will make you look instantly trendy! Other colors are soft yellow, burnt orange, earthy brown, coral, aquamarine, orchid purple, kelly green, dusty rose, and grey (which is being called “the new black”).

There will be two main ways to wear your makeup for Autumn 2010 and Winter ‘10/’11. The first focuses on the eyes, with shimmery golds and browns for eye shadows, and of course blacks, grayish-blues, and eggplants for the smokey eye look. Lipsticks to go along with these are peaches and pale pinks, for more of a natural lip color.

The next focus on the lips. Bright red lips are in as ever, combined with little to no make-up on the eyes. This is a great trend for you girls who think less is more and prefer the more “natural look”. And for those of you who don’t like shaping your eyebrows, natural eyebrows are also in! Red nail polish will be very trendy, to match with the lipstick trend.

What do YOU think of this season’s fashion trends? Which are you favorites? Which would you rather leave?


  1. Lovely post and great insight! :-)

  2. I have always loved anything military styled and always will. (I'm not THE most feminine girl...). I'm actually wearing a green military inspired mini dress over jeans right now. And I love leather. And the knee high boots. great inspiration guys!

  3. awesome post guys!!!!!!!!!!!!i love ya'll

    -mozargurl (from susie) aka Gabie!

  4. Awesome Sarah!!! You hit a lot of the trends!!!!

    Capes AND ponchos are coming back (Not the same ponchos as a few seasons ago)and who DOESN"T love Military style?!?!

  5. I like most of the military stuff and the jeggings,lacy stuff.I hate shoulder pads!

  6. Well you seem to have a different interpretation of the trends for this season than I do. Will be interesting to see which one of us is right. Where do you get your information? I'd love to know.

    I guess we also disagree on what of those is modest, but unfortunately modesty seems to be something that if it isn't Biblically defined, people just make up anything.

    I do like this blog though for the most part from what I've seen already, it's nice to see people out there actually trying to be modest, even if we disagree on some of the specifics.




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