Fashion Icon 60's-70's Twiggy Lawson

Lesley Hornby was a naturally skinny child. In fact, she was so skinny, her peers took to calling her “Twiggy”, because she was thin as a twig. “At sixteen, I was funny, skinny little thing, all eyelashes and legs.” Lesley says. “…Suddenly people told me [I] was gorgeous. I thought they had gone mad.”

When she became a super model, she defied the odds of being “too skinny” to be a model, and went on the have a very successful career. She went by “Twiggy Lawson” (her married surname) in honor of this.

Not only was she an innovator of her own style, which changed fashion as we know it, she also changed the modeling industry, much to her dismay. “I think this obsession with skinniness [is] weird now…I find it worrying, I have to say.” She explains. “The media, I think, should be a bit more responsible. The fashion industry and the magazines push this image, and unfortunately teenage girls are very susceptible to it.”

Twiggy wasn’t trying to change anything, she was just being herself. But by being herself and exuding confidence in what she did, she influenced fashion and beauty. Here are some outfits I created that are inspired by Twiggy’s style and the 60s and 70s:



  1. Very Awesome! I love the Twiggy look! I also love what she said about the media! YOU GO TWIGGY! We need more celebs like that =]

  2. Nice collection of twiggy-inspired pieces!



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