Going to the Beach?

Going to the beach? Ready to have some fun in the sun and soak up them rays of sunshine? Not sure what you need to bring? Here's a list of things that you should not go without, and some fun games and activities you can do as well.

~ Your modest swimsuit! After all, the Mod Style Lounge staff did spend a month writing articles for y'all. :)

~ Beach Bag! You need a nice big bag to keep all your stuff in! Here's what you need to fill it!
     ~ Sunscreen/ sunblock; depending on whether or not you're going to tan.
     ~ Conditioner. Five minutes before you get in the water, put some conditioner in your hair. It will help keep it soft and protected.
     ~ Two towels. You always seem to need more than one!
     ~ Roll of quarters. You may need to fill the meter where you parked, or there may be an ice cream stand somewhere near by! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! YUM!
     ~ Book/Magazine. The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn is a good beach read mainly because they take place on a beach! It always seems to come to life more when you are actually there! Susie Magazine is a good, godly, christian teen girl magazine to read. It's full of helpful tips about God, music, boys, and even fashion!
     ~ Trash Bags. Because no one likes a litter bug!
     ~ Face Moisturizer with sunblock. Once you get out of the water and dry off, apply a layer of moisturizer to help skin from peeling and cracking.
     ~ Camera and Cell Phone. A camera is my best friend on the beach. Pictures help keep memories and lots of memories can be made at the beach. Snap away! Cell phones are good for taking pictures too. They also help you if you run to that ice cream cart and forgot where you left your beach towel!
     ~Ziploc bag. You know you take shells back with you  :)

~ Chair/Blanket. The sand can get really hot and you don't want to burn your bottom. It's much more comfortable to bring a chair or beach blanket to lay on.

~ Umbrella. Sometimes you just want to stay cool and not soak up the rays! :) An umbrella is the way to go then.

~ Cooler. You always get hungry and thirsty so here's what to bring.
     ~ Light Sandwich. Ham and Cheese or PB&J is the way to go!
     ~ Fruit. Apples, bananas and grapes are easiest because you'll have less to throw away.
     ~ Nuts. Light little snack with that little bit of salt.
     ~ WATER! Lots and lots of water! Stay hydrated!
     ~ Soda. If you want a soda, get one with no sugar in it. Diet Rite, Coke Zero and Sprite would be some to consider.

~Activities! There are plenty of ways to have fun at the beach! Here are some of my favorite things!
    ~ Nerf ball! Many stores have dollar sections and you can almost always find a Nerf ball in one. Stand in the ocean knee deep and throw the ball back and forth! It's loads of fun and it'll work out your arms :)
    ~ Inner Tubes and Boogie Boards! Grab one of these and head into the water! Sit on top of your inner tube, not in it, and ride the waves. Lay in top of your boogie board and paddle like crazy! So much fun!
    ~ Beach Ball! Bounce the beach ball back and forth with a friend, or get a group together and play some beach volleyball, well, attempt too.
    ~ Sand Castle! You doesn't like to build a sand castle?!
    ~ Bury People! If you're with your friends or siblings, have one of them bet buried in the sand! Or have everyone get buried at least once! This is where the camera comes in :)
    ~ Search for Shells! They are always so pretty, but try to limit yourself to 10. I get carried away very easily :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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