God's Word

Girls, let me tell you, this week has been such a bummer for me. I've felt this overwhelming sense of worthlessness and ugliness. I know that God thinks we are SO BEAUTIFUL but sometimes it's hard to remember and believe that. Unfortunately, it has been like that for me this week. It's like I know God loves every single tiny part of me but I just couldn't grasp it. But then again, I hadn't been reading my Bible much either.

That's when it donged on me. I have to constantly feed myself with the word of God to be able to understand his undying love for me. Because I wasn't doing that, I was feeling down on myself and all I am worth. Ladies, the bottom line here is to be able to radiate beauty on the outside, we have to get it from the inside. Reading God's love story to us is the way to stay inwardly beautiful.

So next time you start to feel like you are nothing or aren't beautiful, think about how much you have been intaking God's Word. Don't be afraid to dig deep! And remember "Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God." Proverbs 31:31

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  1. Madeline,

    I woke up this morning feeling the same way. I just wanted to lay in bed the whole day and have a pitty party. I've been out fo bed for a whole 10 minutes and now I know what I need to do. My Bible hasn't been touched since Sunday (I forgot it Wednesday Night). Thank you darling. Sometimes, you just forget that GOD is your source for everything, not the other little things in life. Thank you!



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