Getting Ready on School Days!

My alarm clock rang at 5:30 last Thursday and I was hit with reality. My carefree days of staying up late and sleeping in are over! It's back to hectic school mornings, running like a chicken with my head cut off :) trying to look somewhat decent before I have to run out the door! I'm guessing most of you girls feel my pain! We want to look cute for school but we want our sleep too! Here are a few tips that might make our mornings a little smoother...

1. Do all you can the night before!

If you make sure the outfit you want to wear is clean, and have it already laid out, it will save a lot of time going through your closet in the morning. Try to pick something to wear that you feel confident as well as comfortable in. My favorite school outfit is my favorite pair of jeans (that I just found out Maurices doesn't sell anymore!!!), and a simple tee with canvas shoes. Besides having your outfit ready, have your bags and anything you need for school already by your door so you won't forget them.

Something else you might be able to do at night is get your shower taken care of. Personally, I like taking most of my showers in the morning. It wakes me up and helps with my crazy bed-head! But I know a lot of girls who take showers the night before and it gives them more time to sleep in!

2. Use every minute you have.

This tip has helped me cram a lot of thing into my mornings. If I have a spare minute, waiting for something, I use it to do something else. Like if I'm rinsing conditioner out of my hair, I'm also shaving my legs. (It's a difficult balancing act, but it's possible :D) When I'm waiting for my hair to dry, I read my Bible. While I'm waiting for my waffles to pop out of the toaster, I'm getting out the plate, fork, butter, and syrup! Haha you get the idea. Utilize every second you have. It adds up!

3. Remember, cute can be simple!

Spending hours on how you look in the morning isn't the most practical way to spend your time.
Simplify your hair and makeup routine!

Easy makeup for me is just cover-up if it's needed, light eyeshadow, and brown mascara. I can finish in less than 5 minutes, and it looks cute and more natural.

As far as hair goes, there are many styles to choose from that are cute and easy. Messy buns and ponytails are great! Add a headband or braid your bangs for a finishing touch.

Another hairstyle that has been a lifesaver for me is a side braid. I pull all of my hair to the side and do a simple braid starting just below my ear. I can be having a terrible hair day, or still have wet hair and the braid is a quick fix!Here's a few sites for fast hairstyles:



http://rapunzelsresource.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/bandana-curls-or-rag-curls-for-long-hair/ I love this site for girls with long hair, these bandana curls are really cute!

I hope these tips will make your school mornings a little easier! You might even be able to hit the snooze button an extra time!

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  1. This is really helpful! I'll usually wash and dry my hair and get it just how I like it before I go to bed so when I wake up in the morning, it's just touching it up with a flat iron or curling iron.



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