Back to School Beauty Trends

Now that most of you are back to school, you’re probably wanting to change up your look for a new you in a new school year. Even if you’re not in school anymore, keep an eye on these hair and makeup trends for fall 2011…


Braids are in! A cute way to wear your hair this season is to curl it and braid some of it back, or, if you feel daring, create a braided headband.

60’s big hair! This one is classy and easy to achieve. Just tease at the crown and get it really big, smooth it down, pull some hair from the sides around it and pin in the back.

Top knots and loose buns are all the rage and super easy to create. They don’t need to be perfect because they’re supposed to be messy!

For hair color, golden tones are great for fall! Blondes, you may have worked your way to becoming platinum for the summer, but now it’s time to add some honey-colored lowlights, like Brooklyn Decker. Celebrity Colorist Jason Backe says, "This Fall will be a gold rush!” Brunettes, the ombré look is hot now. It’s darker near the top and fades into a lighter color at the end. For fall, try a honey blonde on the ends. It’s really low maintenance and gives you that “lived-in” look. Perfect for girls who want to try some hair color but don’t want to keep up with coloring it often.

For cuts, if you have long hair, try adding long, whispy layers with face framing and a full fringe, like Amber Tamblyn. For short hair, try a bob with just a little bit of layering. Both cuts work well for both straight and curly hair.


Winged eyeliner is back, a classic look with a modern twist, almost making triangles on the outer corner. Pair with a soft pink gloss to add to the modern look.

Bright red lips always make a statement wherever you go! If your skin tone is cool, go with a berry or a hot pink instead of a flaming red. Don’t forget the lip liner for stay power!

Metallic eyeshadow is a fun new trend. Silver, gold, and bronze look great on all skin tones! Try Sephora’s Baked Moonshadow Trio to achieve the super shimmery, metal look.


It's a metallic trend for nails too! Matching nails with makeup was a big trend on the runway.

What was your back to school look? Did you make a dramatic change? Let's chat!

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