Your Unique Style

"Fashion can be bought.  Style one must possess."
~ Edna Woolman Chase

I found this quote at the beginning of chapter two of Nina Garcia's book, The Little Black Book of Style  (which you should all read, because it's a fantastic book).  Upon reading further, I liked what she had to say, creativity and individuality being the root of style whereas fashion was simply obeying rules of do's and don't's.  While I'm not suggesting that being 'in fashion' is bad, I am suggesting that your own style is better.

So, style.  I'll admit, I was pretty happy about this when I read it since to be honest, I hate fashion.  Yep, I'm writing for a modest fashion blog and I hate fashion.  I do, however, like creativity, and I was pleased to find someone who was fashionable and appreciated creativity more than trends.  

I'm not saying you have to go out and start trying on outrageous articles of clothing, nor am I suggesting you to try and be who you are not (one of the reasons I dislike fashion).  Style is all about YOU.

I love this outfit.  The dress, it's a pattern that I don't see a lot, which is why it particularly drew my eye.  There are very rare times when I actually like an orange dress, however, this is one of those times.  Not only is it extremely pretty, it's so exemplary of  individual style.  Somehow, the dress just fits the girl wearing it, but I couldn't just put it on myself and say 'this is style'.  Style is individual, and you yourself are the only one who can show your own style.  I certainly couldn't tell you wear to buy a dress like this (although, I will say that there is a pattern at Walmart that looks pretty similar ;) hehe). 

The second outfit is just simply cute.  The red shirt bringing a bold that isn't shown anywhere else in the outfit, the rest being simply a pair of ordinary jeans and a slightly unusual white shirt underneath.  Style isn't necessarily bold nor exotic, it simply makes use of what you've got in a unique way. So raid your closets girls, see what you've got to project who you are through your clothing style.



  1. so true! you totally nailed it.

  2. Where did you buy the book and how much is it?It looks REALLY good!

    -aBBi giRL

  3. I actually didn't buy it, my sister got me it for my birthday. but Borders and Barnes and Noble sell it for $15.99, however, you can also get a used copy for less.


  4. Thank you Rachel!

  5. I love Nina Garcia's fashion books =] i get them from the library :)

  6. I could certainly use some help with my style!!

    PS. Thanks for linking up to my blog to helping me test out my Mr. Linky. It worked! :)



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