Questions About Hair Answered!

I (Sarah) did a Q&A with Becca Ann aka pink_becca3 on her blog. She asks me questions about all things hair care, and common questions about split ends, hair types, and shampooing and conditioning. I'll include a piece of the interview here, and follow the link at the end to read the rest!

Becca: Is it true that the more you do stuff with your hair (like braids, straightening, etc) the more likely you are to get split ends or cause breakage and even more likely if your hair is wet?

Sarah: Yes, definitely. Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair. Putting your hair in a ponytail can easily cause you hair to break because the hair expands as it dries and the ponytail holder cause stress to the strand, possibly causing it to break off. The same goes for tight braids. Not using a heat protection product on your hair when blow drying or using mechanical heat (like flat ironing or curling) can actually cause it to melt from the inside, even if you can’t tell from the outside. NEVER use mechanical heat on wet hair!

Becca: Is there any ways that you can make your hair grow faster by eating certain things, or using certain things?

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