Best of Beauty Week 4: Hair

Shampoo & Conditioner

Sarah: As a hairdresser, hair care is something I definitely do not skimp on. Using quality hair products leads to beautiful and healthy hair. TIGI Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner is great for colored hair because not only is it sulfate free so it won’t strip your color out, but it actually helps protect your color from fading, so it can look as fresh as the day you got it done at the salon. The shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo to battle dryness and breakage, and the conditioner is great for girls who don’t wash their hair every day like me, since it’s very intense, like a treatment. Shampoo $13.50 Conditioner $18.50

Grace: Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair. I love this shampoo/conditioner because it really helps prevent split-ends! $4 per bottle.

Erin: Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo keeps my hair health and less oily! $2
I recently started using Suave Professionals Moisturizing Almond + Shea Butter conditioner and I love how it leaves my hair smooth and untangled! It smells great too! $3

Haylie: Most of you might know that I absolutely LOVE the smell of coconut, well, the Aussie Three Minute Miracle deep conditioner smells like wonderful coconut and it leaves your hair feeling so incredibly soft and silky smooth. I use it about three times a week because my hair is majorly dry and it works miracles, hence the name. $3

Styling Product

Sarah: I use Your Highness by TIGI Thickening Gel Crème on almost every one of my clients! It’s great to add a bit of thickness and volume, and it adds smoothness and shine and offers UV filters to protect colored hair from fading. $17

Grace: Fructis Garnier Leave-In Conditioner keeps the ends of my hair split-end free and moisturized! $5

Erin: When I scrunch my hair or let it dry overnight, TRESemme Flawless Curls Mousse seems to work well. It keeps my hair from looking frizzy without making it look less natural. I can’t find this exact product in stores anymore but I’m sure they sell a similar product. $5

Haylie: I have HORRIBLY dry hair on my bottom layer because of constantly coloring it over the summer. (I cannot begin to tell you how many different times I colored it and how I did it completely wrong!) Because of that, I had to cut my hair, BIG TIME. It was a very sad day. I now have some major split ends. I really don’t want to cut my hair again (and cannot afford it right now) so I use Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding Targeting Leave-in Treatment Cream to keep my bottom layer from looking completely fried and believe it or not, it works! You cannot tell that I have split ends and it is actually helping it. I highly recommend this to the color junkies like me! $14

Finishing Product

Sarah: Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Hairspray is the best! This is my “tried and true” hairspray! It offers a strong enough hold to keep a bride’s hair in an updo the entire day, but flexible enough to be workable with every day styles such as curls, texture, or volume. It doesn’t flake like cheap hairspray when you brush through it. And it smells great, unlike most hairsprays. $19

Grace: Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum smooths out frizz and leaves my hair shiny! $6

Erin: I don’t use hairspray often, but White Rain Maximum Hold Hairspray seems to get the job done! $2

Haylie: Florida is known for its sun, heat and humidity which are damaging to your hair if you don’t take the right precautions. With the humidity, you need the right hair spray to keep your hair from frizzing. Tresemme All Day Humidity Resistance Tres Two Spray works like no other frizz-free hair spray. It keeps your hair looking like you’ve just styled it even if you have been outside for awhile. Plus, it doesn’t feel like you have hair spray in your hair! Forget the stiff as a board hair! Say hello to touchable hair with this hair spray! I absolutely love it! $3

Styling Tool

Sarah: I could not live without my Rusk W8less 2000 Watt Hairdryer and my TIGI Pro Paddle Brush. I am able to style my hair perfectly using this combination, using the brush to get it straight with volume. The Hairdryer is super lightweight and dries hair faster than any other dryer I’ve owned, even more expensive kinds. It’s also really quiet for a hairdryer, which is nice for early morning hair styling. Dryer: $78 Brush: $18

Grace: I don't straighten my hair all that often but when I do, my Andis Ceramic Flat Iron works great and isn't that expensive! I've had mine for about 3 years. $15

Haylie: I love the beach wave look, but I can never find a product that would give me the nice waves that I wanted. The Revlon Jumbo Ceramic Waver does the job wonderfully! It is quick and easy to use and you will definitely get your money’s worth with this styling tool! $24

Hair Accessory

Sarah: I have short hair, so I love dressing up my hair with a headband with a big bow or a big flower on it!

Grace: I buy Scrunci No Damage Elastics because they don't have those annoying little metal things and they don't pull:) $3

Erin: I love headbands whether they’re bright, dark, think, skinny; they work well with every outfit. 


  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog, love it! Does anyone have any suggestions for curly hair?

  2. Hi, Hannah! Thanks for stopping by! Check out the "curls" category under "Wat'cha Lookin' For?" in the sidebar on the left side of this comment. There, you'll find some curl styling suggestions and an article at the bottom of that page all about taking care of your curls. I hope this helps you! God bless(:

  3. Thanks! That article really helped! Keep up the good work! God bless you too :)

  4. Hey! I just found your blog and it inspired me to make my own! You can find it at http://summertimesweety.blogspot.com It is all about the beach and vacation planning I really hope you (and anyone else who wants to *hint hint*) will check it out!! :)



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