Best of Beauty Week 5: Body


Sarah: iVi Scents iCing Body Frosting is amazing! It’s not like your regular body butter, it’s super light and not greasy but still moisturizing. Their claim is that you’ll “experience the softest skin you’ve ever felt after just one use”, which is true! Plus, it’s a small business with a female entrepreneur (need to support fellow business-women!), so you get personal attention. I love that she puts a bible verse on the package! $13

Grace: Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream is really moisturizing and it's all natural! $6

Erin: Bath & Body Works Body Lotions are wonderful moisturizers. Vanilla scents are always my favorite, like their Warm Vanilla Sugar. $10.50

Haylie: Living in Florida, you are going to sweat! This is why I like Bath & Body Works Body Lotion because it is lightweight and won’t make your legs get really sweaty feeling if you do sweat. Plus, they all smell wonderful! I like to use the Charmed Life scent because it isn’t strong like most of the BBW lotions. The Charmed Life smells like sweet vanilla and fruit and it smells clean! $10.50

Soap/Body Wash

Sarah: I love iVi Scents iSmell Vegan Soap because it’s very moisturizing, unlike most soaps, because it doesn’t have those toxins that strip the protective oils from your skin. It’s vegan, so it’s not made of cow fat, which is always a bonus, since I don’t want to be using that on my skin! $7

Grace: I like Dove Soap because it smells good without drying my skin out too much and doesn’t leave that “scum on your skin”! $10 for 6 bars

Erin: Softsoap Pomegranate and Mango Moisturizing Body Wash lasts a long time, cleanses well, and smells amazing! $4

Haylie: I like a strong smelling body wash because I like to step out of the shower and people know that I am clean! Haha! I like the Bath and Body Works Body Lotion in Sensual Amber because it has a very strong smell of amber. (This was my favorite scent of everything but it was knocked to second by Twilight Woods) It wakes you up and invigorates you! $10.50

Nail Color

Sarah: Mint Candy Apple by Essie Nail Color is a gorgeous vintage minty shade; it reminds me of the color that was popular in the 50’s. I love it! It’s so unique and cute. (I’m actually wearing it on my nails in the header if you can see) $8

Grace: Revlon Nail Enamel in the color "Cherries in the Snow" is so rich and pretty! $5 (but I paid $1 with coupons lol!)

Erin: I love the colors that Pure Ice offers, if you use a couple coats they cover well and last a while! $2 -$3

Haylie: I like my toenails to always be painted! I feel so weird if they are ‘naked’! I also love to add a little sparkle and glitter to them! The Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish is an amazing nail polish! It dries nice and fast and does not chip easily (which is great for me because I’m very accident prone). The Party of Five Glitters is five different glitter colors in one (hence the name)! My dad likes to say I have confetti toenails which I don’t mind because they are AWESOME! $2


SarahDaisy by Marc Jacobs is for anyone! A playful, carefree floral scent, it adapts to your body’s chemistry to be a scent customized to you. It’s great for perfume beginners, but it’s also good for a perfume lover who wants a soft every day scent. It comes in nice sizes to try out before you go full size: Rollerball $20 or Travel Spray $35

Grace: I love Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Fragrance Mist because it smells so sweet, clean and pretty! I'm not a fan of heavy, suffocating scents! $12

Erin: I love the different scents of Pink by Victoria Secret, I have Pink and Purple. You can buy this brand at Bath & Body Works also. $18

HaylieBath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist: I did an article on a lot of my favorite BBW a few months back, but this HAS to be my favorite fragrance of theirs. Their website says that it smells like juicy berries, soft mimosa, apricot nectar and warm woods, but to me, it simply makes me feel like I’m walking through an enchanted wood (which, ironically, the website says it was inspired by!). $12

You can also buy a bottle of Twilight Woods with shimmer in it! It costs two dollars more, but it is great for special occasions, or an enchanted walk in the woods ;)


Sarah: My sister recently introduced me to Degree motionSENSE deodorant when I felt like my other deodorant wasn’t doing the job any more as I was around heat such as blow dryers and flat irons all day at work. This stuff really does work! It’s supposed to re-activate every time you sweat, so you can stay fresh longer. $4

Haylie: Okay, this is going to sound completely insane to you readers, but I love deodorant! I love the way it smells and makes me feel so clean! I put it on at the beginning of the day and just before I go to bed (think about it, do you want your underarms to wake you up? I didn’t think so.) I love Degree because it works! I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t had a great thing to say about Degree. It leaves you feeling fresh and ready to go! My favorite is the Degree Natureffects Deodorant in Honeysuckle and Tea Tree Oil because it smells the best! $4


  1. I just read all of your other posts from this series...so fun!

  2. Thanks, Courtney! Glad you enjoyed them!



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