And the winner is...

Yours Truly! She had the highest overall score and also was the only contestant with a perfect score on an outfit (that’s how tough the judges were!), and she got TWO perfect scores! It was unanimous, we all loved her style!

Since she lives in the UK and we can’t ship outside of the US, we’re hooking her up with a cool button to proudly display on her blog so she can have the bragging rights of being the winner! Shoot me (Sarah) an email and I’ll give you the code. =]

The girls who win the prizes are…

*Ashley* from Live for Today had the second highest score! She won us over with her creative and funky style. Congratulations! She wins Shari Braendal’s book Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad, and the Rue21 necklace.

Beth Ann from Genuine Beauty had the third highest score! Her style epitomizes modesty, fashion, and classiness. She wins the box of Sarah’s favorite beauty goodies and handmade friendship bracelets.

Our fourth highest score goes to Amber Noella from The Creative Daisy. We loved her super trendy and fun style. She wins a $25 Macy’s gift card to buy whatever she wants!

Send me your snail-mail address and we’ll ship the prizes to you! (Check my profile for my email addy) Please try to get it to me before the end of this week, or we'll have to hand your prize off to the next girl.

I also thought we should mention another contestant. Libbi from The Funner Life seemed to be the readers favorite! On our poll, she received nearly 50% of the votes. Talk about a lot of love!!! If you’ll send me an email, I’ll get you a button to display on your blog as well!

If you enjoyed this online fashion show, you might also like Natasha Atkerson’s modest feminine fashion week in January of 2011. Check it out here for more info!


  1. How do I get to your profile for the email?
    Thanks again!!!

  2. Either click on my name here, or go to where it says "check my profile" in the post. It's linked to it. =]

  3. Thanks for mentioning my fashion show! And congrats to all the winners!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:



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