Fashion Pet Peeves

My fashion pet peeve is dresses. I absolutely love dresses, but it’s so hard to find them cute and modest. Strapless dresses are the rage, and low cut spaghetti strap dresses are close behind them. But check out this dress from JC Penny:

A-DOR-a-ble! Depending on how tall you are, it may be considered a teensy bit short, but nothing these can’t fix:

No Boundaries Button Leggings, $2 - $3 from Walmart, yes, Walmart. :)

I really like the shoes the model is wearing. Too cute! I went on a mad search for shoes like those, but all I could come up with were these:

zoe&zac Daisy Frayed Skimmer from Payless for $19.99. I love the zoe&zac line, made with 100% recycled material. Too bad they’re plaid and they don’t match with the dress. But they’re still adorable.

What they would look good with is this:

Decree® Plaid Jacket from JC Penny, $24.99. This jacket would look great with your favorite jeans, a graphic tee of your choice, and big purple bangle bracelets.

What is your fashion pet peeve? What’s one article of clothing you love but is so hard to find modest? Or what do people always wear that drives you crazy?


  1. Love the Decree jacket! Oh, would you all be interested in doing an interview for my Modest Blends blog?

  2. It's great to see young women so interested in modesty! :) I guess I could still fit that catagory even though I'm 25. Came by way of AnnieBlogs.

  3. My big pet peeve with dresses is usually the length. Even if I can find one that covers up top - the skirt is way too short. Being 5'8" definitely doesn't help that out. :P

    But I absolutely LOVE the short dress/tunic over jeans or fitted pants look. I think it's so trendy and adorable. And that jacket is yummy... :)

  4. agirlwrites- Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by! And yes, you still fit in the "young women" catagory. :)

    Amanda- it seems like dresses just keep getting shorter! I can't imagine how in the old days it was considered immodest to show your ankles!

  5. Well, my fashion pet peeve is the new style to wear just plain leggings and a shirt. And it's not the longer tunic or short dresses they wear the leggings with, but something that definately does not cover their backside!!! It drives me insane!! Lol, plus its disgusting!

    But I also find trying to find good, modesty, and cute dresses are really hard! And I'm glad someone else wants these modest but cute dresses too!

    Anyway, nice post Sarah! I really like this blog :)

  6. I too, dislike when girls wear leggings as pants. Leggings are cute in all (when worn with something long enough) but not that way! It's pretty much like they're not wearing anything on their legs. Or their bottom. lol

    Thanks for visiting, Katie!

  7. You guy's style totally fits with mine :) Wish I lived in the U.S. so I could get some of these nifty clothes!

  8. That dress is sooooo cute! :D

    My pet peeve is when girls wear pj pants -with or without words on the bottom- in public. To me, it makes no sense UNLESS they could also be worn as sweatpants. But when they are only for the purpose of pj's......well, it makes no sense whatsoever.




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