Hey, Ladies! We’re over on Shannon Primicerio’s blog today! She is the author of The Divine Dance, and the Being A Girl series, among many more.

Before you head over there, check out what she says about modesty in her book, The Divine Dance:

“With questions like “How much cleavage is too much?” and rulers that measure to make sure that shorts and skirts just barley make the grade for school dress codes, Christian girls are selling themselves short and are buying into the trends of this world. We toss purity out the window on return for popularity. Many times, we get up on the stage and take off the righteous garments Christ has clothed us in and we are left standing naked before an audience that doesn’t really care. I think we are so willing to be immodest in our outfits because we have forgotten who we are. We are daughters of the Most High God; we are princesses from the line of the King of Kings. Princesses do not dress like women off the street who are selling the bodies. As a daughter of the King, you are expected to dress and act like a princess at all times, not just Sunday mornings when you find yourself within the palace walls.”

And one last thing from Shannon before you go…

“The biggest problem with Christians and clothing is that our thinking is off. We forget that our clothing defines the way others see us. We forget that we are dancing not for the applause of men, but for God’s applause. We forget that the point of our lives is to lead others to Him, and if they do not see an outward difference in our lifestyles, they will never see the inward difference in our hearts. Sometimes the message of Christ’s death on the cross is lost because we have adorned ourselves in so much glitter that people cannot see Jesus.”
“So next time you find yourself flipping through the racks of your favorite store, remember fashion isn’t a crime – but bad fashion is. Invest as much time into putting on the fruits of the Spirit as you do putting on your clothes and your makeup.”

Okay, now go! :)

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