Life is Short. Buy the Shoes :)

I always seem to have an obsession with something during the summer. Right now, I have three: bras, underwear and shoes. Not wanting to talk about undergarments, I am going to talk about shoes :) Last summer, I did a post about Payless and their wonderful shoes. I am going to do another one now!

I absolutely LOVE these shoes! They are BRASH sold at Payless. They also come in tan and black suede (which I own!). I love these shoes because they are closed all the way around which means no slipping out of them (of me at least!) They are a really high heel so I do not recommend you buying them if you are not comfortable wearing tall heels. These beauts cost $34.99

Once again, we have another high heel shoe, but these are more spring appropiate :) 4 inch cork heel with beautiful navy blue, orange and red colors make these heels irrasistable! I love the Fioni brand because they always have the more outgoing shoes, like BRASH does. These lovies cost $27.99

My last pair of heels I'm going to show you. These heels had me drooling! I waited and waited for BOGO to go and buy them. They were worth it!! These navy blue 4 inch heels are not like the other two 4 inch heels I showed you. These are MUCH easier to walk in, which is always a plus ;) The cute knot on the shoe adds just the right touch. This shoe is also avaliable in black and red. They cost $29.99

Oh flats! These multi-colored flats are a great add to your shoe collection. They can add that pop of color to a boring outfit or make a good outfit great! Plus, they are very comfy!! These cuties are $24.99

I'm not a huge huge fan on closed toe flats, but these you cannot help but love! The color and cuteness of these shoes makes me want to buy them, granted I have nothing that goes with them :) These cute flats cost only $16.99

Payless has a lovely rewards program that gives you 5% off every purchase you make with them. They will also send you coupons in the mail, birthday rewards and more! It's free to sign up, so it's worth it! Also, you can sign up for text alerts and recieve 20% off when you sign up!

So what are you waiting for?!?!



  1. The first ones and the last ones are SOOOOO cute! Not sure I could walk in those first ones but cute nevertheless(:

  2. I'm a flats girl, and those flowery ballet flats are adorable!!

  3. Love the first and the last. Adorable! And I like how you refer to them so affectionately..."these beauts" or "these lovies" or "these cuties". Haha! I really like Payless. Their shoes are the perfect balance of price, quality, and style.

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