5 Acne Remedies!

Over the years I've suffered from mild acne...which I happen to hate! Who doesn't?
I know there have already been a couple posts on acne remedies, but I would like to share the ones that have worked for me!:)
These are all natural, home remedies that can be made with products you probably already have around the house. So, they are healthier for you and if they don't work, you haven't wasted a ridiculous amount of money.

1. Lemon Juice
Simply squeeze the juice of the lemon and keep in a container in the refrigerator. I usually apply it all over my face with a tissue (or cotton ball) each night. It may sting a little, but the results are worth it. I've been doing this for about a week and my blotchy spots and acne scars are definitely fading away. My skin tone has evened out and I have had very few new breakouts. I would suggest only putting this on at night because it makes your skin sensitive to the sun and too much lemon juice is dehydrating to your skin.2. Water!
Drinking enough water definitely improves your skin! I started drinking more water (at least eight glasses of 8oz water per day) and I have noticed an improvement in my skin!

3. Don't Touch!
I've always read that it's unhealthy to touch your face but I never believed it was so true! Touching your face spreads bacteria, creating more blemishes. When I am diligent in not touching my face, there is an obvious improvement in my skin!

4. Pore Strips
They clean your pores, removing black heads and white heads. I use pore strips about once or twice a week and then apply an acne medication right afterwords because my pores are clean and the medication will be more effective (I use either toner or lemon juice). Over the course of a couple weeks, your pores will also appear smaller!

5. Honey Mask
Apply this to an area that's scarred from past acne, or currently breaking out. Mix equal amounts (depending on how much you need) of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Honey is hydrating and soothing and cinnamon and nutmeg heal acne and smooth out skin. Apple once or twice and week and leave on for about 15 minutes.I hope these work for you! Have a great day!


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  1. Thanks for the tips! Some of these I haven't tried yet. I love using lemon juice at night, it always works great. Then I'll usually wash my face in the morning and use tea tree oil for a day spot treatment.



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