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I’m sure you hear about what guys like about a girl’s personality all the time, right? I do, which made me curious about what guy like about the more outwardly things, like beauty and fashion. So I decided to see what goes on inside a guy's brain about how girls look, dress, even smell. I asked some Christian guys their opinions about what is attractive on a girl…and what is not. Remember, these are only personal opinions!

·         Wear fruity perfume.

After interviewing several guys, I realized that guys pay more attention to smell than we would think. One of the first things the guys said was attractive was the way the girl smelled.

“Good fruit smelling lotion is nice, guys remember that for some reason.” - Nate, 17, from California

“I seem to remember a girl by her smell, so pay attention to that, suit it to your personality, if you're fun go for fruity, if your more smooth go for a deeper smell.”  - Quartly, 17, from New Zealand

“There's something in my sniffer that just fires me up when a girl walks by with a sweet, slightly fruity perfume that just about overwhelms me. I LOVE IT!!! And if I ever see the person, and see 'em again, I hope they walk by so I can catch another whiff. LOL!” Grant, 21, from Kansas

Fruit scents are easy to adapt to your own personality! If you’re more lively, go for perfumes with notes of citrus fruits, but if you’re on the quieter, more mysterious side, go for perfumes with notes of berries or pomegranates.

For the outgoing girl, try Clinique Happy Duet, which includes a perfume spray and body cream. It has a light citrus fragrance and also a bit flowery, so it’s feminine but not overpowering.

Clinique Happy Duet $30

For the more reserved type, try Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate. It includes other mysterious scents, such as blackberry and jasmine.

Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Eau De Toilette $29.50

·         Dress like a girl and be yourself.

“I was at a Christian music festival, and all the girls wore ripped short denim shorts and Tshirts, but the girls who stood out wore jeans, dresses, and just something different from the crowd.” - Quartly, 17, from New Zealand

“A turn on would be slimmer fitting clothes but not like skin tight.” - Nate, 17, from California

“Cute "form fitting" clothing tastefully frames the inherent beauty and shapeliness that God gave women for their beauty.” Grant, 21, from Kansas

When you dress stylishly and tastefully, it shows your personality and that will attract the right kind of guy for your character. Dressing in flirty, skimpy clothes, will attract a guy who wants you for the wrong reasons.
Check out my post about clothing personalities and styles to help you find yours if you’re not quite sure what your style is. http://modstylelounge.blogspot.com/2011/06/what-is-your-clothing-personality.html

·         Wear pretty earrings and/or small jewelry.

“I like earrings with a li'l sparkle to them, and not too gaudy. It really all depends on the girl for what they can wear.” - Grant, 21, from Kansas

“I like the skinnier long earrings, but as long as they're not those like huge circle designs!” - Steve, 16, from Pennsylvania

Some jewelry is nice but too much gets annoying to me.” - Nate, 17, from California

Look at these adorable stud earrings from Claire’s, only $8.50 each!

·         Obsess about your hair

“Let your hair be natural, don’t try and do too much with it.” - Nate, 17, from California

“I know they ruin your hair, but I think hats are awesome on girls.” - Quartly, 17, from New Zealand

Punk or trashy...no thanks. I like natural, long hair, and a simple hairstyle. Sure, make it pretty every once in a while, curl it a little for a few waves in it. It looks great! But I LOVE a girl's beautiful long natural hair! Don't feel like you have to spend 3 hours on a ritzy hairdo just for your guy, or anyone in general.” Grant, 21, from Kansas

*** To achieve the natural hair look without looking frumpy, play up your natural texture! If you have a natural wave or curl to your hair, try the Living Proof No Frizz to line enhance it and avoid frizziness. You can buy it a Sephora.

*** If your hair is naturally straighter, run a flat iron over the parts that aren’t as straight to clean it up. Make sure to protect it from the heat to keep it soft and beautiful! Try TreSemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. It smells delicious, kind of like Kool-Aid! You can pick it up at Walmart or a drug store. http://www.tresemme.com/Products/Heat/Thermal-Creations-Heat-Tamer-Spray/

Bad hair day? Slap on a cute hat! Check out my post about hats for your face shape to find which kind would look best on you. http://modstylelounge.blogspot.com/2010/07/hey-you-with-face-shape.html

·         Wear a lot of makeup

“Too much makeup makes the girls face looks like a painting.” - Nate, 17, from California

Lots of makeup…puuuuke. I want a real girl, not a plastic plated one. Enhance beauty a little, not try to make it.” Grant, 21, from Kansas

A great way to bring out your natural glow without a lot of makeup is a blush/bronzer. For winter, bring out those rosy cheeks with Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Blush & Highlighter. It gives you that blushed look like you’ve just been out in the cold and highlights at the same time. Just swirl and go!

For summer, try Physician’s Formula Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Powder. It gives you a nice tanned glow like you’ve been in the sun a lot, plus, it’s supposed to boost your mood with natural plant extracts of Euphoryl and Violet. Who doesn’t like a happy girl?

For both winter and summer, use Stila’s oil-free sheer color tinted moisturizer SPF 20. It is sheer coverage so it looks very natural, evens out skin tone and gives a dewy glow, leaving you looking fresh. I love it because it contains chamomile to help soothe and eliminate redness and improve elasticity. It’s great for summer because it’s water resistant and the sun protection factor, and great for winter because it’s a moisturizer.

Rub this over your face, apply one of the above, slap on a little mascara, and you’re good to go!

What did you think of these guys’ opinions? Were they helpful or not? Let’s chat!


  1. I love this!!:)

    I'm not obsessed about how I look, my favorite style is just cute, comfy and natural. (You would probably describe me as The Girl Next Door style from your other post:)

    So it's great to know most guys don't want an overly dressed up girl with tons of makeup anyway:)

  2. You should do one JUST about modesty :)

  3. So cool Winter Hats that I never came across... Theses are looking very nice and beautiful.. All designs are also nice and special.i must try these lovely Hats .



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