Hey! You With The Face (Shape)

I love face shapes. They make every person unique. The shape of your face plays a large role in determining your chin, the angle of your jaw, the size of your forehead, the set of your cheekbones, even the position of your eyes. If you aren’t familiar with the 7 basic shapes of the face, they are:

1. Oval. This is considered the “ideal” face shape. It is about ¾ as wide as it is long.

2. Round. The round face is wider than it is long.

3. Square. The square face has sharp angles with a wide forehead and square jaw.

4. Pear/Triangle. The pear or triangle-shaped face has a wider jaw than forehead.

5. Heart. The heart-shaped face has a slender chin and wide forehead with high cheekbones.

6. Diamond. This shape has a narrow forehead and narrow chin with the wideness spread across the cheekbone area.

7. Oblong. This shape is a very slender face, much longer than it is wide.

Which one are you? If you’re not sure, face your miror and take a bar of soap and trace the reflection of your head. Then step back and see which of the shapes above it looks like.

Since it’s summer, we’ll talk about sunglasses and hats that work best for your face shape!


If you have an oval-shaped or diamond-shaped face, just about anything goes! Try aviators, those are really in this season and instantly make you look stylish!

If you have a round face, try square-ish or rectangular sunglasses to add shape to your face. Don’t choose too big though, this will make your face look even shorter!

If you have a square face, try big, round sunglasses to soften the angles of your face.

If you have a pear/triangle face, try top-heavy sunglasses to balance your smaller forehead and match with your wide jaw line.

If you have a heart-shaped face, try bottom-heavy sunglasses to balance your wider forehead and match your slender chin.

If you have an oblong face (longer than normal) you’ll want tall sunglasses. Avoid slender frames; they’ll make your face look even longer.

If you have larger facial features, you can take advantage of the fun oversized lenses trend! But be cautious if you have smaller features, oversized lenses may make you look teeny-tiny faced.


A lot of the same rules for sunglasses also apply to hats. Larger hats will overpower smaller features, much like sunglasses.

You can wear just about any hat if you have an oval or diamond face shape. Try a beanie or a beret. These styles work on just about any face shape!

For a round face, fedoras are the way to go! They’re totally stylish, and since it extends past the top of your head, it will add length.

For a square face, choose a rounder hat to soften the angles, like a cute floppy hat.

If you’re pear/triangle-shaped, a big ol’ hat will look adorable on you, and create the illusion of widening your narrow forehead.

If you’re a heart shape, try a smaller hat with a medium rim instead of large to avoid making your forehead look any larger, like a cowgirl hat or a bowler.

For an oblong face, try a newsboy or cadet cap; a hat more fitted to the top of your head, to avoid making it appear longer.


  1. CUTE!!!! I actually wear the right sunglasses! LOL! Thanks Sarah

  2. Love this, I think my face shape is oval, although I always thought it was round but thanks to you definitions now I know it is oval and I do wear aviators already so I think I'm on top of the game yey! =D

  3. This is awesome! I was wondering about my face shape. But I kinda have an issue, I really can't figure out my face shape. It's either oblong, oval, or maybe somewhat round or heart. HA. Kinda lame. Is there some kind of measurements you can do to figure it out??

  4. Well, it can't be oblong and round at the same time, so I'd say you're either oval or heart, because they are in the middle! =D If you measure your face and you come up with very close to the same measurements for your forehead and jawline, you're probably an oval. If your jawline is dramatically smaller than your forehead, you're probably a heart. Judging by your pictures, I think you're closer to heart-shaped. =]

  5. I have a round/square face so it's so hard for me to figure out things like hair styles, glasses, hats..etc.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  6. I have a round/square/diamond face. Ha ha ok so I guess I have no clue what shape my face is. I just no it looks really terrible with aviators:)


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