Ok girls, It's jeans season again and I am so excited! If you're shopping for some new denim, I've found some tips to help you find the style that fits you best.

Find jeans that flatter your figure!
  • Pear Figure: Girls with a pear shape have curvier hips with a small waist and narrower shoulders. If you have a pear shaped figure, boot cut and straight legged jeans are best. Straighter or moderate flare cuts will balance out your lower half.
  • Apple Figure: Apple figures have a larger top half which usually means a larger bust, broader shoulders, and a less defined waist. If this is you, try wide legged and also straight or boot cut jeans. To avoid making your legs and hips look smaller, go for a lighter wash.

  • Boyish/Ruler Figure: Boyish figured girls have a straight figure with very little curves. These girls can wear a straight leg and can also pull off skinny or tapered jeans. Any fading on the thighs will give the illusion of curves.
Other figure flattering tips:
  • If you want to make you legs and thighs look thinner, always go for a darker wash and avoid fading on the thighs.
  • Larger pockets, especially if they get smaller at the bottom, will make your bottom look smaller.
  • If you are trying to minimize your backside, stay away from crazy "bedazzled" pockets.
  • Boyfriend jeans are a new trend that look good on almost every figure!
Wear your Jeans Modestly:Even though most jeans don't show an inch of skin, some can still be immodest. Wearing jeans that hug your every curve can be just as tempting to a guy as a plunging neckline. So be careful when you're purchasing jeans by making sure they're not too tight on your rear or your hips. Your brothers in Christ will appreciate it! :)

Best Stores for Jeans?I am still unsure on this. I buy my jeans from a different store almost every time! When jean shopping it's smart to buy inexpensive jeans, or jeans on sale, but don't sacrifice quality. Some ideas for places to start would be American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Old Navy. There are so many places to check out, just find one that works for you. If you discover a pair of jeans you love, you might want to get another pair in a different color or cut because the perfect jeans can be hard to come by.

Do you girls have a favorite jean style, brand, or store? Let me know. This girl needs some suggestions! :)


  1. I love Charlotte Russe's jeans. They're the comfiest jeans I've ever worn, and I've worn a lot of different jeans on my quest for the best jeans! They fit the best and they're decently priced, about $30-$40.

  2. Thanks for this! I was pretty sure that I'd found the right style for me (boot cut) but this still helped. A good idea for making jeans more modest is to buy them the size up. It makes them a bit loose up top but with a belt and/or a tucked in undershirt, they are actually more comfortable (and decent!) :)

  3. Went shopping tonight and ended up getting a pair of Favorite Boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. I love them :) Got a really cute pink-checkered-collared-button up blouse too haha.

  4. I shop at thrift stores a lot and they can have a lot of different brands of jeans and you can buy one or two pair for $10 or less. Thanks for the tips Erin!!!

  5. I really like Joe Fresh!
    Just about two days ago I bought a pair of jeans for only 3.75 (+tax)
    Thx! :)

  6. You know, I honestly don't think that skinny jeans are immodest. If they aren't going in your butt crack, and they stretch a bit and aren't completely in-stretchy, then you're probably fine. Women shouldn't have to dress so that men don't think provocatively about us, we shouldn't be the ones "controlling" their urges. I



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