Foundation and Concealer (My Favorties!)

I don't wear a ridiculous amount of makeup, but I like to wear some sort of concealer and foundation to cover up my blemishes. However, whenever I seem to wear powder on my face it makes it sweaty and shiny and just plain icky in just a matter of hours :/
But last week, I found a liquid foundation that covers up really well, but keeps my face dry all day! :D
I'd like to share my favorite concealer and foundation with you :)

Neutrogena's Microclear Blemish Stick
I love this thing! Hehe! It's meant to conceal and clear up pimples and I use it on my most visible red zits. I don't think it necessarily heals my pimples, but it doesn't make them worse unlike other concealers have used in the past! I found it for $9 at my drugstore.
Covergirl's Clean Liquid Foundation (Oil Control)
This is the foundation I use all over my face, and I'm very pleased with it because it really does what it says! (Whisks away oil and shine!) I've never found a liquid foundation that works so well! I use the version for oily skin, but they also have some for dry, sensitive, or normal skin. The only downside is it doesn't have a pump, but I don't really mind. I usually rub in on my face slightly, and then dab it with a sponge for a natural effect. (Sorry girls, I can't remember how much exactly it was...$7 maybe? It was no more than $10 though.)
New York Color Loose Face Powder
This powder is just really light and sets the foundation, covering and smoothing out any streaks or uneven spots. I love it because it's very light and soaks up any oil, making your look soft and dry! I think it's around $6.

Well ladies, there you have it! :) I hope these products gave you some ideas, especially if you have oily skin like me!

Have a great weekend! :)

~Grace <3


  1. I just purchased some of that foundation- it's great!

  2. I use that foundation too and it's awesome and cheap.. LIke $5 at my Target :)

  3. Sarah, I can't access my email, do I have the week of 3/21?



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