What is Beautiful?

Something beautiful is happening on Friday, April 22, 2011.

Four years ago, Gracie Flanagan came up with the idea for True Beauty Day her freshman year of high school. Her friend joked about how she really didn't want wear makeup to school tomorrow, so she and Gracie decided for the next week at school, they wouldn't wear makeup and would let their "true beauty" show. This was the beginning of the idea.

What Gracie realized is, "society has such a screwed up definition of beauty," and "every women, girl, and child is beautiful both inside and out; yet today’s society makes finding outer beauty harder and harder for millions around the world."

So Gracie decided to do something about it. She created a day where females could show their true beauty by not wearing designer clothes and wearing little or no makeup. The purpose of this was to show that "the makeup you're wearing and the brands you're wearing don't make you who you are," she says. "It's what's on the inside and what Jesus gave us that's important."

So go to http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=153413924681752, and hit attending if you're going to participate in True Beauty Day 2011. Then come back here and comment on this post and tell us if you are attending. But before you comment, watch these encouraging clips and quotes on true beauty:

"With all the media hype on physical perfection, many of us are left craving to be someone or something better than what we see in our reflection. We hope to encourage girls and guys to understand that they are not alone in feeling that way, and also we're hopeful they'll join us in redefining the meaning of beauty. Each of us are unique, not meant to be in a mold."
-Sarah Ross of Everlife

(I know this campaign ended over 2 years ago, but the video is good!)
"Fat talk is transcending….  It affects your reality and damages you professionally, personally, and physically."
- Jillian Michaels


  1. i praise God 4 all u girls!!!!!!! i really really do! modesty is so important n evry girls life bcause it shows Jesus how pretty our heart is n it shows the world how pretty we r bcause of Jesus!

  2. I don't get the designer clothes part; I guess I don't know a lot of fashion-minded high school freshman who wear them? I mean, wearing non-designer clothes can definitely still be high fashion. But I love the no-makeup idea!!! :)



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