Uses for conditioner…besides your hair

Have you ever bought a generic cheap conditioner to find out it doesn't do much to soften your hair or, on the contrary, makes your hair too limp and flat? Or maybe you just don't like it but you feel bad letting it go to waste. With these tips and secrets, you don't have to suffer through using it up and it won't just sit on a shelf in your bathroom closet.

Instead of shaving cream, use conditioner. It smoothes and protects from razor burn. It especially reduces irritation in those places with coarse hair like underarms and around pubic area (you know we have to shave there!). Then, after you're dry, use aloe vera gel to prevent little red bumps. This especially helps if you have really dry skin, because the conditioner moisturizes your skin and the aloe vera gel locks the moisture in!

Rub it all over your body and let it set for a few minutes before showering it off instead of using lotion afterward. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth!

Use it as a makeup remover. I'm serious...this works! The mild cleansing factor easily removes the makeup, and the moisturizing factor keeps your face from getting dry when scrubbing the makeup off. It can be a lot cheaper than makeup remover, doesn't sting or burn, and doesn't dry out your face.

Got your favorite ring stuck on your finger and tugged and twisted with no avail? Rub some conditioner on your finger all around the ring. The conditioner should make the surface slippery and it’ll slide right off!

Not only does it help you remove rings from your finger, it can also be used as a jewelry cleaner, as it’s gentle enough for your most delicate jewelry, removes the dirt and oil, and gives the piece a brilliant shine.

Do you know of any extraordinary uses for ordinary household products or objects? Tell us about it!


  1. NO WAY?!?!?! That's so cool! I would never of known that :)

  2. cool as! awesome tips.
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