Fashion Icon and Future Queen

Hello Readers!

I don'tknow about you, but I love the style of England's future queen, Catherine Middleton. From her engagement to Prince William to the royal wedding. Take a look!

Though the top is a little low, I love how Kate did a flowy dress (note: it is a dress) with a short, fitted jacket. Plus, the dress isn't to short. Her simple, yet classy heels make it syphisticated and elegant.

Who says Kate isn't a real girl? Jeans, a cute top (and modest too!) with those boots! Love those boots! Kate knows how to be herself :)

I love these colors on Kate! She accessorized very well! The scarf and hat compliment each other, and the jacket! Very fashionable and elegant!

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Last but not least: her wedding dress... need we say more?



  1. She has some really great fashion sense and can where dressy or normal clothes.Sierra

  2. I love her style! Her dress (and her every day outfits) are modest (for the most part) and fashionable yet classy! :)



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