Beach Hair!

It's the time of year again! How I love spending hours in the sun and surf :)

One of my favorite hair styles for the beach, is beach hair of course! Here's a couple ways to get the look.

Overnight waves (if you prefer to shower at night):
1. After you've showered, and while your hair is still damp, spray with an anti-frizz spray (optional).
2. Divide hair equally into two even sections and braid two french braids. It's ok if they're messy :) If you want your waves to be smaller, divide into four even sections and do four braids. You'll look silly, but who cares! :)
3. Now go to sleep, sweet dreams!
4. Wake up and undo you braids. Finger comb them do not use a brush, they will become frizzy!
If you want to, use some texturizing paste to define the curls. I use Fructis Garnier Texturizing Paste.
5. Spray some hairspray if you want to, to hold the look. Not too much though, you don't want your hair to look crunchy!
Well there is the first method for beach waves!

Second method (if you shower in the morning):
1. While your hair is still damp apply some anti-frizz or wave spray. I use John Frieda Frizz Ease spray.
2. Next take a microfiber towel, and scrunch your hair for a few minutes. Flip your head upside down and to the same thing to add texture. When you flip your head back up, don't whip it or you'll loose the volume. Just slowly lift your head up and fold your hair over.
3. You can use the same texturizing paste as mentioned above for this look as well.
4. Once it dries, spray with hairspray or leave it as it is!

Natural Highlights:
Want natural highlights without paying a lot of money?
Try this:
1. Take some fresh lemon juice (it works better than bottled) and put it in an old spray bottle.
2. Spray in hair where you desire highlights (make sure you don't get it on your scalp or face! It will burn!)
3. Spend a day out in the sun.
4. Over time, your hair should naturally lighten!

Only try a little bit of lemon juice and spend a limited amount of time in the sun your first time, to see how your hair reacts. For some people, their hair becomes brittle.

Enjoy your summer! :)



  1. Another reason besides brittle and dry hair to be careful with the lemon juice is it could turn your hair orange!!!

    If your hair is really straight and you can't get natural wave by scrunching, try loosely flat iron curling it and separating it with wax. It give that same effect of beach waves without the frizz as the other two =]

  2. Ok girls, so Sarah knows a LOT more about this than I do haha :) Yes, using a flat iron is another great way to beach waves if you dont mind using heat on your hair :)

    Thanks Sarah!! :D

  3. this elped ALOT!!!!!!! i've been needing to find a new "beach" look for my hair!!!

    follow my new blog!!!!


  4. Hey, I just want you to know that I love your blog. Reading your blog posts always make my day! Love you!

    Every time I think of you I thank God for you. (Phil. 1:3)



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