One week until A Girl's Life Fashion Week!

Only one week left to prepare! Are you ready?

Announcing the ladies who will judge those outfits...

Sarah is the admin of the Mod Style Lounge. She came up with the idea for this blog last year after meeting two young ladies, Kaley and Eden, at a writer’s conference and found they all took interest in modest fashion. From that, Mod Style Lounge began. She is the only original staff left. She is a lover of God, a freelance writer, and a cosmetologist in training.

Madeline was introduced to Mod Style Lounge by Eden, one of the original staff writers. After Eden resigned from her position on the blog, Madeline promptly jumped in and took over for her. She says, “I was super excited when I got asked to help because I think this is such a cool way to glorify God. What could be more fun than talking about something you love and including the One you love to be a part of it?!”

Haylie is the newest member of Mod Style Lounge. She helped Sarah brainstorm this event. Haylie is a proud country girl from Florida, calls herself crazy and a little weird, and is uber proud to be a Christian. She enjoys reading, writing, going shopping, talking to friends, going to church and youth group, hanging out with her mom and dancing in the car.

Eden was an original member of Mod Style Lounge, and now she’s back to help judge the fashion show! Eden likes being able to express herself with style freely. She thinks she is bold with her style and doesn't stay within the lines. Her passions include her relationship with Christ, writing, photography, music, amateur psychology, and throwing outfits together.

Emily is Sarah’s younger sister, who likes fashion and modesty, ballet and worship dancing, and is a junior in high school. She is an aspiring photographer and keeps a blog of her journey. You can check it out here. She loves the Lord and wants to go on a mission trip after she graduates high school before she starts her career as a photographer.

AND (*drumroll............................*)

Here are the prizes!!!

The winner will receive:

1st Prize: Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad by Shari Braendel (see more about the book and read a sample here: http://www.sharibraendel.com/Good_Girls_Dont_Have_To_Dress_Bad.html), along with a necklace from rue21.
Donated by Haylie

For the runner up:
2nd Prize: Three friendship bracelets handmade by Sarah, foot care lotion, two cream eye shadows, sheer lip-gloss, eye definer crayon, and body wash and body butter in Sarah’s favorite scent, Ginger Citrus by Arbonne.
Donated by Sarah

And the honorable mention wins:
3rd Prize: $25 Macy’s gift card.
Donated by Madeline

**prizes can only be sent to US residents. sorry international readers!**

Are you excited yet? I am!!!


  1. Hi There!
    I would love to enter this comp, as I have said before. But I live in the UK, are the prizes still going to those who don't live in USA?

  2. Sorry, we can only send prizes to residents in the US. You may still participate, but if you win, you would just have bragging rights instead of a prize. =]

  3. Hey! I would really like to be a part of this, but I don't have a blog to post my pictures. What if I posted them on Flickr, then just gave you the link to that. Would that work?


  4. Yes, that would work fine. As long as you have a picture and a link!

  5. it sounds great! have to check my schedule and see if i have enough time to do it! hope so. :)

  6. Oooops, I only just read your reply to my comment! Thanks! Thats all good, I'd love to participate though.
    God bless



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