Best of Beauty Week 3: Lips

Lip Balm

Sarah: I love my Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm! It has a yummy smell from the pomegranate oil which is antioxidant rich and adds moisture to my lips. $3

Grace: I'm personally don't care for lipstick/lip-gloss. So I just wear ChapStick Original to keep my lips moisturized!  $2

Erin: I use Nivea Lip Balm almost every day. It moisturizes very well, and gives a natural shine to your lips. $3

Haylie: Living in Florida, you get chapped lips. Whether it’s from the summer heat or the winter winds, your lips will get chapped. Chapstick Moisturizer is heaven in a tube! It moisturizes your lips so well! If you have badly chapped lips, applying this Chapstick throughout the day and the next day they will feel so smooth and so much better! I should know. I did that the first week of December. After your lips are healed, apply it at least three times a day to keep them like that! Chapstick Moisturizer has 15SPF, so it is great for any weather! A pack of three of these costs $5 and is a great thing to always have on hand!

Lip Gloss

Sarah: I’m addicted to lip gloss! I have tried so many different kinds, but my favorite by far is Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss. It has great pigment so it gives me color, and is super glossy without being goopy or sticky. It’s supposed to be plumping, but it doesn’t numb or burn like most; it’s cooling and minty! $19

Erin: I love Bath & Body Works Color Lip Gloss! They come in so many great flavors and scents! $7

Haylie: Lip Gloss, it can add a dramatic effect to your makeup or give it a simple shine. Covergirl Queen Collection Lip Gloss can do both, depending on what color you get! I have 2 different colors of this, a bright red and a soft pink. I use the red ONLY when I want to be dramatic (not all the often) and I use the soft pink when I want to add a bit of color and shine to my look. It goes on great and it moisturizes your lips which is always a plus! $5

Lip Color

Sarah: I like more of a sheer color on my lips, and I like Burts Bees Lip Shimmer for the fact it moisturizes and protects my lips while I’m wearing it along with a wash of color and shimmer. Plus it has a minty feeling and scent to it like their original Lip Balm! $5

Haylie: I’m not much of a lipstick girl, but when I get in the mood to girl-it-up more than normal, I wear Ulta Lip Stick in Cappuccino (I know, coffee is an obsession of mine). It’s a light brown and it goes on so smooth and lasts a long time! $8


Sarah: Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste is great because it’s different than most “whitening” toothpastes. It gently exfoliates your teeth to remove surface stains and plaque and get them looking whiter! $4

Grace: I like Colgate Toothpaste because it’s cheap and it gets the job done! It makes my mouth feel fresh! $2

Erin: I have noticed a subtle whitening in my teeth since I’ve started using Crest Extra Whitening Toothpaste! $3

Haylie: For me, toothpaste has always been toothpaste. I had never noticed the difference between them, but when my mom bought the Crest 3-D White Vivid Toothpaste, I noticed a major difference! My teeth felt so much cleaner than they normally did and they felt that way for most of the day! Even after drinking a few cups of coffee my teeth still felt as though I had just brushed them. They also make your teeth whiter! Many types of toothpaste say they are whitening toothpaste, but they are nothing like this! $4 

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