How to Get a Toned Tummy

With all this talk about swimsuits, you may be thinking more about the tummy you gained over the winter and wanting to look good in your new favorite swimsuit. Many of us seem to get even busier in the summer, filling our days with summer jobs and other commitments, since schoolwork is no longer an obstacle. So how to you fit exercising into your busy schedule?

I’m about to show you some really quick workouts that will fit into any schedule. You can easily do them at night while watching the latest episode of your favorite show, or do them in your room before you go to bed or after you wake up. First are the effective core exercises:

The plank.
This one starts lying on your stomach. Lay your palms flat on the ground and use your elbows to prop you up and just hold position, like the lady in this picture:

The bridge.
Lay on your back with your arms straight beside you, then plant your feet so only your head is on the ground and your knees are sticking up in the air and hold position, like the lady in the picture:

You can also do this extending one leg at a time. This makes it harder and you’ll get quicker results.

Body curls.
Lift your legs and bend your knees, locking your fingers behind your head and use your stomach muscles, not your arms/hands, to pull yourself off the ground and touch your elbows to your knees, sort of like this lady:

(except make sure you lock your fingers behind your head so you don't hurt your neck)

Legs and Arms

Want to tone your thighs and hips and loose that flabby stuff on your arms? Here are some excises that will help you with that:

Side Leg Lifts

Lay on your side with your head rested on your outstretched arm and the other arm in front of your stomach with your palm planted on the ground. Lift the leg on top then slowly lift the other leg to meet it, like in this picture:

Switch sides and repeat, then move position into your next workout:

One Arm Pushups

While not moving the arm in front of your stomach with your palm planted on the ground, move the arm from under your head down to wrap around your shoulder. Now push up with your arm that you didn’t move from the last work out, and lift yourself from waist up off the ground, like in the picture below:

Switch sides and repeat with other arm.

*Free tips!*

• Don’t forget to stretch anytime before you exercise.

• Break up your workout into multiple two-minute rep sessions between the different exercises to get the most benefit. After two minutes of reps on the same exercise, you'll burn out your muscles and cause more harm than good. You can go back after you’ve worked out a different muscle for two minutes.

• Remember, exercise is most affective if combined with healthy eating habits.

Looking for a summer job that will help pay for college and help you stay healthy at the same time?

Ask people you know if you can clean their house for money. Most people will be glad to have someone cleaning their house, and you can earn cash and burn calories. You may be wondering how. Vacuuming for half an hour = 100 calories burned while toning your tummy, dusting for half an hour = 87 calories burned while toning your arms. Sound like a good deal?

Want a swimsuit tan to go with your swimsuit bod?

Mow the lawn for your grandparents or elderly neighbor. Wear your swimsuit with shorts or with your swim-shorts and get the job done for someone else while getting a tan for yourself! Not only are you multi-tasking, but the sun’s UV rays can also help your body make vitamin D. But don’t forget the sunscreen, unless you want a nasty burn!


  1. Awesome! Its funny cause I was going to start toning my tummy today!! LOL You're awesome Sarah! Thansk for the help! =]

  2. great post! thanks i really needed it! -mozartgurl/gabie



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