Quick & Easy Eye Make-up Tips by Kaley

If you’re like me, you’re rushed for time in the mornings. School, work, trips to the grocery store, or anything else you may need to do can cut your "me time" short. Here are some tips for eye makeup application on the double:

5 Step Application:
What you need:
-Light eye shadow (a cream colored eye shadow works best)
-Medium eye shadow (this can be any lighter shade of pink, brown, purple, or whatever your favorite eye shadow color is.)
-Dark eye shadow (this eye shadow color should be a deep brown or a shade darker than your medium eye shadow color)

Step 1: Apply the light eye shadow on your brow bone.
Step 2: Apply the medium eye shadow on your eyelid; blend.
Step 3: Sweep the dark eye shadow into the crease of your lid; blend.
Step 4: Apply eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyelid or just on the top. Avoid applying eyeliner on just the bottom of your eyelid, because it makes your eye look smaller.
Step 5: Apply mascara.
DONE and looking gorgeous!

When you’re really in a pinch for time, try this quicker version:

3 Step Application:
What you need:
-Your favorite eye shadow

Step 1: Sweep eye shadow on your eyelid.
Step 2: Apply eyeliner.
Step 3: Apply mascara.
DONE and beautiful!

Having a hard time figuring out what eye shadow brings out your eye color? Maybe this will help:

Green eyes: Purples, pinks, and reds work best for you. Try using purple eye shadow on your eyelid, light brown eye shadow on your crease, cream eye shadow for your brow bone and purple eyeliner. Your eyes will really pop!

Blue eyes: Oranges, coppers, and golds work best for you. Try using sparkly gold eye shadow on your eyelid and brown eyeliner. Very glamorous!

Brown eyes: You can wear just about any color. Browns, bronzes, and greens look the best. Try using light brown eye shadow on your eyelid, a darker brown eye shadow on your crease, cream eye shadow on your brow bone, and dark brown eyeliner. You'll look like you had your makeup done by a pro!

Hazel eyes: Warm tones, bronzes, and greens really bring out your eyes. Try using bronze eye shadow on your eyelid, a light brown on your crease, and brown eyeliner. You'll look stunning!



  1. great tutorial :)
    i stick to wearing browns,golds and bronzes :)
    thankyou for the comment on my blog!
    hope you have had a good day!

  2. Thanks for the tips!! I'll have to try this out. I'm not much of an eye-makeup girl so this helps out a lot.




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