Shoe Shopping!

What girl doesn't love shoes?! Shoes are amazing! They come in so many different styles, colors, heel sizes and, the best part is, you are always the same size!

Payless, to me, is one of the best places to go for shoes! They have super cute shoes and super low prices! Payless is just... super! Check out why...

Womens Fioni NightJeana Knot Slingback
A girl can never go wrong with a pair of classic, black slingbacks! These slingbacks have a 4 inch heel and a satin knot! These slingbacks also come in a champagne color. They are available to you for the low price of $27.99! Click here to get a better look!

Womens Montego Bay ClubMaeve Beaded Toe Loop Sandal
I absolutely LOVE this type of shoe! It's like a grown-up flip flop! (Yes, I'm weird I know) brown goes with everything and the beading adds to the look! These shoes cost $16.99 and are worth every penny! Click here to check it out!

Womens FioniKnautical Cork Sandal
My mom and I went "Ooo! Look!" when we saw these shoes! And for only $12.99, my mom went "hmm.." that can only mean one thing.. we're going to Payless! Color, 4 inch heel, cork, and they also come in black, white and denim! How can you pass these babies up?! Click here so you can go "Ooo!" too!

Womens Fioni NightKan-Kan Ruffle Pump
Pink is not just for little girls, Ladies! Have a special event to go to this summer? Why not play up your outfit with these beauts! These heels are a fashion statement in itself! 4 inch satin heel, ruffled and pink! For only $26.99, you can be pretty in pink too! Click here and buy!

Womens American EagleBrooke Layered Bow Flat
What girl has never wanted to be a ballerina at one point in her life? These ballerina flats come in black, tan and berry. They are 'berry' cute! For $22.99, you can be berry cute too! Click here to find out how!
Womens FioniPeacock Flower Gladiator Sandal

How can you go wrong with these!? Blue is a must! Especially in July! These gladiator shoes also come in white, but who would want white after seeing these?! For $26.99, buy yourself some blue suede shoes! Click here to check them out!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

Haylie Jo


  1. I LOOOVVVEEE those hot pink stilettos! But what I would actually wear would be the flats below them...lol. CUTE!

  2. btw, those cork heels are $8 now!



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