Introducing: Eden!!!

Hello Lovelies!
People call me 'Eden' if they want to get my attention. I'm 16, born in and currently living in North Carolina.

Beauty to me is a multi faceted concept. Beauty is a reflection of the heart. What a person is on the inside is what she'll reflect outwardly. The reflection should be beautiful. For God made every woman beautiful.

I love all aspects of beauty. Making one beautiful on the outside as she should be on the inside. My current favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice and my favorite book The Orphaned Anything's by Stephen Christian.Cities by Anberlin is my all time favorite cd, hands down. I love the 'Boho' style. It's cute and freeflow, but I love the 'emo' style too. It's got dark with flecks of color to back it up with a little bit of funky craziness. As a girl, I love being able to express myself with style freely. I don't stay in the lines when it comes to your typical 16 year old girl. I'd like to think I'm a bold with my style. My least favorite thing to cope with in being female is most definitely the rollercoaster we call horomones (I call them "horrormones"). When I graduate, I want to go to college for proffessional photography and to be a musician. Music and photography are two aspects in which my overflow of emotion is released.I don't have any hobbies. I have passions and they include: Writing, Photography, Making and Listening to Music, People, Amateur Psychology, Sketching, Ballroom Dancing, and throwing outfits together.
One interesting thing that few know directly is that I go by my middle name

signing off for now-


  1. Nice to meet you, Eden. I'm Sarah's mom. It is great to put a face to the name Sarah talks about meeting and liking so much. I think it is great you all are doing this blog together. You are definitely making a difference!


  2. Hey Eden~ Beautiful name, picture and summary about yourself! I love how you called them horrormones LOL! Way funny! I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use that now! LOL

  3. Thank you, Haylie :]
    by all means, you may use it :P



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