Modesty Survey

Recently while reading the book "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris, I learned that they have a modesty survey on their website, TheRebelution.com. I checked it out and found it very helpful! Questions I've always wanted to ask were answered... like what guys think of tankinis or high heels or even lip gloss.

Read it and tell me what you think: www.therebelution.com/modestysurvey/browse

Did it surprise you the way guys felt about modesty?
Does this give you a new perspective on dressing modestly?
Did you find the survey helpful?


  1. I, for one, was glad to know that guys actually care so much about modesty! There were a lot of things I would have never thought to be immodest, like showing bra straps and wearing high heels (because of the way they make you walk). But some of it I felt was asking a bit too much. Like the fact that even one piece swimsuits with board shorts can be a stumbling block because the swimsuit is skin tight. I mean, what's a girl to do? What are we supposed to wear while swimming? Even if we wore a shirt on top, when we get in the water it will cling to our figure. Also, some guys said any pants were immodest, even if they aren't tight. What do you think? Check out the Modesty Survey and add your two cents.

  2. This rasied a lot of points I never would have thought of, such as ajusting bra straps in puplic and stretching. I do agree with Sarah, though, that some of it asked too much, especially on swimsuits. Some of the comments said 1-piece swimsuits are immodest. How else are we to go swimming without looking absolutly ridiculous?! Also, I was suprised that they asked if jeans are immodest. If they were, what else would we wear? But I am glad I was able to read this. It is so encouraging to know that our brothers in Christ care about modesty!

  3. Some of it was crazy like the jeans.I will admit that most of my jeans are skin tight but i cant stand loose pants.What are we suppost to go swimming in if halter top swimsuits are immodest?All my swim suits have been tankini with eaither shorts or bikini bottoms.I have curves so never in a million years would i be caught dead in a bikkini.I think bikkinis are too reveling anyways.But it was amazing to see how much guys actually care about being modest.If they care that much then why do they go for the girls who are reveling?

  4. Great thoughts, ladies! A lot of this stuff doesn't seem realistic. In the pants category and guy said we could look at a thrift store for older styles. I think some of the guys fail to understand that girls like fashion. I would NEVER wear "old style" jeans. I just buy stylish jeans in a bigger size than I would normally need. We need to remember though, all guys have different views of modesty. Did you notice that in every category, every answer had at least a few people in each one? These are just suggestions, and they want to let us know that they care about modesty! So wear what you think is modest and protects your body and purity. I think the guys who go for the immodest girls are the ones that don't care about modesty are aren't worth it to a modest girl anyway. So hold out for a good guy! :) So what else seems ridiculous and unrealistic? Keep the comments coming!

  5. Some things that were voted "immodest" or "sensual" were unavoidable, though I will definitely take those things into consideration. The one thing that I was amazed at was when they said that it's still a stumbling block for family members to wear revealing clothing. That was a lightbulb moment for me. I don't have brothers, but I never think about modesty when I'm around my cousins. Thanks for introducing this to me :)

  6. I've always hated that. I know I shouldn't- but it drives me insane. A lot of things on there are ridiculous and some of them make me angry. I'm all up for modesty, but I DON'T want to be told that girls should wear this, not this. Girls should NEVER wear this. etc... I'm all up for the idea... but not all up for everything they say.



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