Cute Attack!

Okay, I think I’m having a cute attack. Check out this super adorable skirt! I love it, and would totally wear it!

Christa Taylor: Magdelene Skirt $48.00
I know, a bit pricy, but if I could find a skirt like this at a thrift store for under $30, I’d be all over it.

Here’s what I would complete the outfit with:

Red Camel® Crew Neck Favorite Fit Tee $11.40 from Belk

with this over top…

Forever 21 Angora SS Knit Cardigan $22.90

And dress it up a little…
...with this scarf from Bluenotes $12.50. Scarves are really in for the fall and winter, you can dress up about any outfit with one.

These super cute shoes I SO want from Charlotte Russe:

Floral Beaded Flats $26.99

For hair, you could pull it back and dress it up with these

Forever 21 Faceted Flower Bobby Pins $5.80

Or if you’re feeling bold (this is what I would wear with it) :)

Forever 21 Satin Animal Print Headband $3.80

What would YOU pair with the skirt? Where do you find great deals on super cute and modest outfits?


  1. I love it all except the headband!=^)

  2. To answer your question: I would pair the skirt with a plain pink shirt belted with a black belt...just my opinion though!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Natasha, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. This is just what I would wear with it, and I love to hear what people with different styles than me would wear with it! Sounds adorable, by the way. :) I love belts with looser shirts or dresses to make it look more feminine.



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