Adeiu mon beau!

Well, my beautiful ladies, I am resigning my position as writer at MSL. I've been feeling that it's time for me to step down. Sarah, Madeline, and Haylie have you guys covered, I am not worried a bit. It's been great writing for you guys and I hope you will all remember this:

God loves each and every one of you individually so very much. He made you BEAUTIFUL with or without makeup. With or without designer clothes and shoes. With or without a certain hairstyle/color/whatever. He made you beautiful exactly as you are. As much fun as it is to play with outfit combinations, make up, and accessories, don't get hung up on the surface beauty. Inner beauty is the most important factor of any outfit. Love who you are because YOU (yes you!) are beautiful, unique and special to God.

Much love to you all!


Come by my personal blog sometime! It's quite different from this one, more like a journal or a collage of writings.


  1. I hate to see you go Eden! I wish we had more time with each other =[

    Miss you!

  2. Hey girls, way to go on your beautiful blog! LOVE that there are young fashionsitas bringing the world of beauty to your peers....I know the readers will miss you Eden. Haylie and the others, keep on writing some fab articles...love you girls! Shari

  3. Thanks you for the complements Shari! They are greatly apperciated!

  4. Thanks, Shari! Eden may still write for us occasionally, so she won't be gone forever :) But we will all miss hearing Eden's insight regularly. "To everything there is a season..." You did a great job, Eden, and we wish you well! We love you! ♥

  5. Awww....sorry to see you go Eden! Thanks for writing though!

    Haylie: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  6. If you ever want to see what I'm up to as far as writing, visit my blog. It's quite different from this, regardless, I love feedback :]


    ^ my blog



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