Modest Swimwear Month

With the temperatures rising and humidity rampant, soon all you’ll want to do is soak in the pool. Summer has almost arrived, and the search for a modest swimsuit begins. Who else can only find bikinis when they go to the store? Swimsuits of integrity are getting harder and harder to find. I refuse to settle for a bikini. Anybody with me?

While I was looking around on the internet, I found out there really were others who cared about swimsuits that cover more. And what’s better, there are others who care about looking cute and not frumpy in the water during the summer’s heat. For the next few weeks of June, we’ll be showing you some of these swimsuits. To give you an idea right now of how you can be modest yet not look like you’re wearing your mother’s swimsuit, here’s a list of some of my favorites:

LimeRicki.com is an awesome site for modest, yet ADORABLE swimwear! Take a look at some of my favorites:

I’m kind of partial to the Sophia One-Piece, because this is the swimsuit I have, and I love it! It gives me the coverage I need, and it’s really cute.


Can you say stinkin’ adorable? If you think the front of the Gracie Tankini Top is cute, take a look at the back. The little bows are so darling.

If you’re looking for somewhere closer to home where you can try on the swimsuits instead of hoping you order the right size online, try Kohls. I was surprised when I found some fairly modest tankinis there.

With an extra long tankini top, SO® Floral Swim Separates provides extra coverage on the hips and you wont have to worry about your top coming up and showing your tummy like you do with a lot of tankinis.

I like how the Candie's® Buffalo Argyle Swim Separates has shorts with it for a bit more hip coverage. The tankini top is also longer, like the one above.

ModBeClothing.com has some really fashion forward modest swimsuits. My personal favorite was The Flounce in Pink Stripe.


Besides being totally adorable, the tankini top provides plenty of coverage. As you can see from the first picture, the top is long enough to completely cover your hips and the ruffles near the bottom are almost like a skirt. If you prefer more coverage than that, they sell a swim skirt in brown that would match well and is also a nice length. From the second picture above, you can see there is plenty of coverage in the cleavage area as well and it ties in the back, so it’s adjustable.

SwimwearPlace.com does not have only modest swimsuits, but they do carry some. They have a huge selection of swimsuits so I browsed the one-pieces and found some I thought were cute.

The Hollywood White One Piece Swimsuit is designed after classic glamorous swimsuits. The design is elegant and beautiful and the style provides coverage in all the right places, with a low cut leg and a high cut neck.

For the girl who wants to look totally cute, but have more coverage than the average one-piece, the Flirty Feathers Print One Piece Swimsuit is for you!

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If you decide to shop online, be careful! There’s this style of swimsuit called monokinis that became popular a couple of years ago and can be easily mistaken for a one-piece from the front. They are basically bikinis with a strip down the front so they can be classified as one-pieces. So watch out for those!

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  1. These are SO cute!! :) Thanks for posting, Sarah!

  2. They are so cute!!! Love them!!!

  3. Try HydroChic too, they have a much wider selection (especially for those of us with curves). http://www.hydrochic.com

  4. those are such cute suits! i love vintage-y swimwear!

  5. These are awesome!

    I own one of the ones you listed, actually! The brown and white Kohl's swimsuit with a hot pink strap that goes on your neck. I love it!

  6. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.




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