It is time to Deck the Halls 'cause Christmas Time is Here!

It is finally Christmas time which means the Birth of our Savior, Christmas parties, Decorating, Shopping, Family Photos and maybe even some Christmas Caroling! All of these long awaited activities are finally here and it is time to dress to impress. We all want to look great in our family photos and when we go out to celebrate the holiday season so what should we wear? Or how should we do our hair? Here's a few ideas to help get you started:

What should you wear while Christmas shopping or Caroling:

You want to wear something that's comfy and easy to walk in. I suggest skinny jeans and some cute flats that won't have you tripping through the crazy holiday crowds or leave you blisters from standing in line (or at a doorstep) too long! Wear a white tanktop underneath the shirt for coverage and warmth. And make sure you don't forget a jacket, it gets pretty chilly on winter nights!

What to wear to a Christmas Party:

Don't be afraid to sparkle! Sequins are fashionable and dressy, you can dress up a sequin shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of matching high heels for that perfect holiday shine.

What to wear to the Christmas Eve Service at church:

These dresses are cute and modest for church not to mention they make the yuletide gay! They are perfect for the season. Velvet is the perfect winter fabric and red is the ultimate Christmas color! And you can add leggings underneath to keep you warm or to make the dress more modest if you happen to have long legs!

What to do to your hair in the Family Christmas Photo: (These hairstyles will help you look great even if you have to wear those matching sweaters :p And you can find out how to get these hairstyles by going to pantene.com)
Try wearing your hair up with some volume!
You can never go wrong with sleek and straight!
Short hair can be volumized by adding a few pincurls at the bottom!
This up-do is classy and pretty great for that traditional family photo!

I hope that these tips and suggestions have helped you start preparing to look your best for the holiday season! If you would like too see or purchase any of the clothes I suggested you can find them at forever21.com!
Merry Christmas bloggers!


  1. Very cute/good ideas! The only thing is that I think those two dresses are too short (I personally wouldn't wear them) but great post overall!! :)

  2. i love that red dress!!! can i ask where u bought it?

  3. Madeline mentions at the end of the post that you can find all the clothes at forever21.com. You might try looking there and see if they still have the red dress in stock! =D

  4. Yikes, the skinny jeans look a little immodest. They're pretty tight. I thought the sequined shirt was cute, but I'd probably wear it with something underneath to avoid showing cleavage like the model is. I'm loving the hair styles. :)

  5. skinny jeans are almost always displayed tight like that, but if you by them a size or two bigger, they'll be fine :)

  6. Personally, I wouldn't feel modest wearing either of those dresses to church.

  7. Love those shoes and that first, velvety dress!!

  8. I have a very strict rule while wearing skinny jeans:

    All tops have to cover my rear end! No matter how loose they are, I ALWAYS wear a longer shirt or a tunic. Not modest!



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