Pretty in a Prom Dress!

It's that time of year again! You're bursting with excitement at the fact that you've been asked to prom as you spend your Saturday afternoon looking at racks after racks of elegant dresses with your friends. Or maybe you're still anxiously awaiting to be asked to prom...
In any occasion, trying on beautiful dresses is so much fun! But finding one that covers you up is another matter! Check out these modest, yet
beautiful prom dresses below!

(Note: There are other colors available in the dresses below. Click on the name of the dress to take you to the link.)

How pretty is this!? I think modest dresses can be even more beautiful then immodest ones. She looks like a princess! :) (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Description: This beautiful gown

has a wrap around the waist with
side bustling on the ball gown skirt.

Embroidery and beading adorn the
bust and skirt on one or our mos
beautiful modest prom dresses.


I LOVE the sparkles on this one! It's just so elegant!

Description: Classic tulle ballgown
with ruched bodice and dropped waist.
scattered beading on bodice. small cap sleeve.

*Gasp!* How I would love to step into such a beautiful gown! This one is just so poofy, purple, and sparkly! Hehe!

Description: This tulle, ball gown
has tons of sparkle and detailing.

The fitted bodice has a square neckline
and crystal embellished embroidery throughout.

The waist is defined by a ruched taffeta band
while the rich embroidery continues to sprinkle
onto the full skirt. A corset, lace-up back
ensures for a fabulous fit. One of our modest
prom dresses that is sure to stand out.

If you prefer something less "ballgownish" (hehe) and a bit shorter, here are some just as stunning, yet still modest!


So sparkly and I love the color! :)
Description:Square neckline and a beaded
bodice make up the top of this fun and flirty gown.
A ruched band adorns the waist.

One of our modest prom dresses that is sure to stand out.


This one is so cute! I can't decide which color I like best...they're both adorable! :)

Description: This fun modest prom
dress is made out of taffeta and is tea length.
The fitted bodice has simple but elegant beading.

The skirt is gathered to one side with layers
peaking out one side.

Well there you have it, ladies! Pick one of these dresses and you'll be cute, stylish, and modest! You don't know how hard it was to pick just a few to show you! Head over to Latter Day Bride and look at the rest, they're simply stunning!

Some other modest prom dress websites you must check out! :)
Have a lovely afternoon, girls! :)

~Grace <3


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love Hayden soooo much! Bree is very pretty as well.

  2. Hey guys, just so you know, I live in Utah where that company is based. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the proceeds from sales go to the Mormon church, which is a cult. Just something to be careful with and aware of.

    1. Hey guys, first of all IDK if the proceeds go to a Mormon church. But what I do know is that it doesn't matter if they do or not because one of my friends is a Mormon and they ARE NOT a cult. And second if you haven't noticed this is a CHRISTIAN blog and Mormons are a form of Christianity.

    2. Of course it is a Christian blog. Did you know that Mormons deny salvation through Christ? That they believe Jesus and Satan are brothers? That Mary, the Mother of Jesus was married to God? I'm not trying to slam, only educate.



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