It's Slipper Time!

There’s almost nothing better to me than coming home from an “oh so stressful" day of school and slipping on my slippers.  I have two pairs, and I absolutely love them both!  I’ve been told that slippers indicate something about a person’s personality, so what do your slippers tell someone about you?  Or what would you like them to say? 
Elegant, yet not expensive. 
I saw a pair like this for about $10 at Walmart. 
I would totally wear these to school, and at my school,
they'd probably pass for classy shoes. ;) 

"I'm at the house...and I am LOVIN' it :)" 
These would definitely be my super awesome pajama party slippers.
I have a pair like this except they're blue.
Don't wear them outside...they absorb water too well.

"Look at me, I'm stylish" 
Ahh, the comfort of the Ugg slippers. 
Way out of my price range, but you might be
 able to finagle this out of your parents for Christmas.

"My feet are cute and silly...just like me!"
When we were six, we liked to wear bunny slippers.
Well, now you can be sixteen (or twenty six)  and wear
some sort of fun, awesome slipper that represents your funny side.
If you don't have a funny side, then it's time to lighten up and find your inner funny bone.


  1. i have ...well I suppose that are like socks crossed with boots....all striped and crazy. From oldnavy a couple years a go. They are crazy lookin' but super comfortable.

  2. So cute! Slippers definitely say something about your personality. :-)

  3. definitely :) thanks ya'll.



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