Suave Dry Shampoo Vs Tresemme Dry Shampoo

How many of you wash your hair everyday? I do, because my hair gets so oily at the roots. Did you know that the oil in your hair keeps it healthy? One way to keep you hair healthy is by not washing your hair everyday and taking advantage of those natural oils, but how can you get rid of your oily scalp without having to wash your hair?

Dry shampoo keeps the natural oils in your hair, but keeps your hair looking freshly washed and oil-free. I recently discovered that both Suave and Tresemme make a dry shampoo. I tried both of them and I would like to share my input on both.

Suave Dry Shampoo Spray: This dry shampoo is quick and easy to use. You simply shake the bottle well, spray it about 12 inches from your scalp and massage it in. That’s it! Easy, right? It will still appear a little oily after you apply it, but that will go away after a few minutes.

I loved Suave’s Dry Shampoo Spray because of how easy it was to use. It's three simple steps; shake, spray, massage. There is nothing to it, plus it smells wonderful! It reminds me of grapefruit.

Suave’s Dry Shampoo Spray is also very affordable! I did not expect a cheap, dry shampoo to work as well as it did! It works just like a product that salons would use and that is saying something.

Tresemme Fresh Start Voluming Dry Shampoo: Normally, I love Tresemme's products, but this product got two thumbs down from me. First, It takes longer to use than the the Suave Dry Shampoo Spray. You have to shake the can 'vigorously', spray and wait 2 minutes before you can even work in the dry shampoo.

Second,though the product works, it leaves your hair feeling dry and grimy (like a poorly washed plate of mashed potatoes. I know this because our dishwasher doesn't like to complete it's cycle.) Every time I went to touch my hair, I would pull back my hand and frown because it felt so bad!

So, if you decide to use a dry shampoo (which I suggest!), I would use Suave's Dry Shampoo Spray!!


  1. I've been looking for a good dry shampoo. Thanks for the tips!!:)

  2. Thanks I needed this for a science project :D!!

  3. I've used both and Suave was much better (at least for me!)



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