Wardrobe Staples

Now that you’ve Cleaned Out Your Closet for Something Bigger and Better Than Yourself, you have an excuse start replenishing your wardrobe with all new clothes! How exciting is that? Can you say, “weekend shopping trip with the girls”?

But how can you avoid buying clothes that will just sit in your closet again? Below are some staples for every woman’s wardrobe that will never go out of style. These items will stay in your outfit rotation for years and always look classy. Each season, you can add a few trendy pieces you like to spice it up. I would suggest spending more on these items below and less on trendy pieces that will go in and out of style quickly.

Now let’s get started! The first thing you need is a…

Little Black Dress

Had to know that was coming, right? A classic black dress will can be dressed up or dressed down to be fit for any occasion. Buy one that flatters your shape and is either sleeveless or has cap-sleeves, like the picture above. You can wear it alone when it’s warm, or with a cardigan when the weather is cooler. A black dress is a must have in a great wardrobe.

Black Skirt

A black skirt that hits right above the knee and compliments your body shape is another must have. While pencil skirts may look classy, they are not for everyone. If you can pull off a pencil skirt, then go for it! But on most of us, an A-line skirt is the most flattering.

White Blouse
A white blouse is an extremely versatile piece. It can be worn un-tucked with jeans for a casual look, or tucked into dress pant or your black skirt for a more professional look. You can wear it under a cardigan or blazer. It easily fits any occasion.


This is a perfect, light coat that always looks nice. One that cinches in at the waist will be most flattering. It looks great with jeans or with a dress or skirt. It won’t overpower your outfit or ever look bulky.


A cardigan might turn into one of your most worn items during the fall and winter. You can easily take a top or dress that is intended for summer and layer it under this to wear in the winter. It will look great buttoned with jeans or unbuttoned with a skirt, and is cozy and comfy.

White Tank Top or Camisole for layering

This is an obvious one. You can layer these under anything! Multipurpose and versatility is exactly what to look for when building a wardrobe. Neckline too low? Layer! Top a little see through? Too short? Layer!

Solid Tee and Long sleeve

Adding these to your wardrobe in a timeless and universally flattering color such as navy, eggplant, true red, or peachy-pink will add a pop of color to your outfits. You can layer these, or just as easily wear them on their own.


Blazers are very in this season, so what more perfect of a time to purchase one? Not only will they instantly make you look stylish now, but they are a piece to carry with your through the years. Dressed down with jeans and a striped top, like above, gives you a high fashion look, but dressed up with dress pants or a black skirt with your white blouse will instantly give you a professional air.

Striped Top

Black and white stripes add a bit of nautical to an outfit but is always in style, even when nautical is not a current trend. They look great with any color and look chic layered under a blazer with jeans, or tucked into a skirt. Sleeves that hit right above the elbows are flattering on most as it gives the illusion of slimmer arms.

White Summer Dress

For events that take place in the humid summer heat and are a little more casual but still dress-worthy, a sleeveless white dress is good to have. It should be made of a lightweight fabric to keep you cool. You can easily take this into fall or spring with a cardigan and leggings.

Quality Jeans

You most likely already have a pair of jeans you love in your wardrobe. If not, invest in a great quality pair that is comfortable and fit well. Find a cut that Flatters Your Body Shape. I chose straight leg jeans for the photo above because my mom always says this cut is classic and will never go out of style!

Dress Pants

A nice dress pant is perfect for those events that are “in the middle”, too casual for a dress or skirt, but too dressy for jeans. They pair nicely with either a cardigan or a blazer, depending on the type of event.


Don’t forget the shoes! Basic black flats will go with you through everything! They can dress down skirts or dresses, or dress up jeans or pants.


And when the occasion calls for something more high-class, keep a pair of black pumps around. They’re great for special events, from dates to ceremonies.

Black Tights or Leggings

At times, it’s not quite appropriate to bare your legs. When this happens, have a pair of black tights or leggings (or both!) Tights can layer under skirt or dresses without heating you up, and leggings can be added to an outfit during the cold weather months so dresses and skirts are still wearable.

What other items do you think are wardrobe staples?



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