'Fall'ing in Love

I absolutely love fall! It's my favorite season (even though Florida doesn't really get one). The clothes are cute, the weather is cooler,  and the food, I must say, is better too! Here are a few things that I am 'fall'ing for this fall season.

I love comfy sweaters! They are cute, warm and can be dressed up or down. They look great when matched with nice jeans, tall boots and tall socks. JcPenneys has a good selection this year along with Target and Khols.

One thing that make me 'unique' is that I wear plaid/flannel year round. Plaid is my favorite color! (Yes, I know it's a pattern and not a color but still :] ) Wearing a plaid or flannel shirt over a fitting dress, matched with a scarf, tights and some brown combat boots is such a CUTE outfit. I'd wear it all the time if I could! Target is currently holding my favorite plaid shirt of this season.

Being in cosmetology school and working at an Aveda salon, my toes are always covered, BUT that doesn't mean I can't wear cute socks under my boots or when I'm relaxing at home! Warm, thick socks keep my feet from hurting nearly as much as the end of the day, plus if they're cute, I'm happy!

Need I say more? :)

I love it when Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes! That is when Starbucks gets my business faithfully! I go broke this time of year haha! If you have never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, you have not lived!

Those are just a few of my favorite fall things. What are yours?



  1. Fall is most definitely my favorite. If only it would be fall weather around here! :(

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