Winter Hands

Winter is the time for uncomfortable, itchy, dry hands. If you’re like me, no matter how many lotions you try, you can’t get rid of those winter hands.

My family is really big on natural stuff. We think like this: whatever we put on our skin gets inside our bodies, and if we can’t pronounce the ingredients, we don’t want it in our bodies.

Besides having some strange ingredients, those cheap smelly lotions don’t work well. They only moisturize for a short while.

Before I tell you which lotions work and why, it’s important for you to know why skin get dry.

The main reason for dry hands is lack of moisture (obviously, right?). This becomes more prevalent during wintertime, mostly caused by either exposure to the cold and wind, or being inside dry, closed up houses for the winter.

My first choice for lotion is Shea Butter Lotion. It brings comfort to itchy hands and actually helps your skin absorb moisture better, resulting in soft hands. Here is one I like:

Earth Therapeutics: Hand Remedy Shea Butter Lotion 6 fl. oz. $7.99

Another great one is Virgin Coconut Oil Lotion. Yes, coconut. Those hollow brown things with white stuff inside. It’s said the Filipinos, who are known having soft skin, swear by this stuff. It works amazingly on dry skin. Here’s my favorite kind:

Tropical Traditions Organic Moisturizing Lotions. One 8 oz bottle goes for about 15 bucks. You can choose from six natural scents, including unscented. My favorite scent is citrus (the green one).

If you can’t find or afford these lotions, try looking for a natural lotion with Aloe Vera as a main ingredient. It has a soothing affect on itchy skin and helps replenish moisture, sort of like Shea Butter. Here is a product I love:
The Naked Bee: Orange Blossom Honey Moisturizing Lotion, 2.25 oz $4.99. As a bonus, it smells really good!

Lotion tips:

• Get it all over your hands (around your fingernails too), but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

• When washing your hands, don’t wipe your hands completely dry. This will rob your hands of much needed moisture. Instead, pat them until they’re damp and let them air-dry the rest of the way.

• Apply before bed. This will give the lotion time to work, since you won’t be washing your hands or doing dishes while you’re sleeping (at least I hope not!).

• Since hot water dries out skin, when doing dishes during the day, or anything with your hands immersed in warm water, wear rubber gloves. Rubber gloves don’t have to be ugly. Check out these cute ones: http://www.gloveablesinc.com/gloves/view_all.htm. I use the pink dot ones and they work great!

Come back Friday as I score my recommended lotions and give some more tips for healthy skin!


  1. Okay.. I seriously love the lime green polka-dotted gloves. (Though if they had lime green with a zebra print cuff, I would love it more.) My husband keeps telling me I should wear rubber gloves while I'm cleaning since I have a chalk allergy that's also irritated by dish soap and some cleaners. But I keep picturing the massive yellow gloves and saying, "thanks but no." (Plus, they make my hands all powdery and funny-smelling.) Maybe this is my solution!

    I recommend having your own aloe vera plant. They're really easy to grow (just put them in the sunlight and water every now and then) and are great for any cuts, burns, or other skin irritation. And no funky chemicals there. You'll know it's all natural.

    Wonderful post, Sarah!

  2. Great idea, Halee. Thanks for the comment!



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