Lotion Scoring and Homemade Sugar Scrubs

If you missed my post on Wednesday, I recommended my favorite lotions to you. Now, to help you make your decision, I tested them out just for you. =) Here are the results:

Shea Butter

Application Counter: 3
Notes: A pretty oily feeling right after applying, but it goes away quickly. Hands stay soft and smooth for over 3 hours.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Application Counter: 3

Notes: Hands have a little bit of an oily residue on the top, but not as much of a “slippery hands” feeling as the Shea Butter. It also will last for a good 3 hours, but it doesn’t quite have that soft, smooth feeling to the dimension the Shea Butter did.

Natural Lotion with Aloe Vera

Application Counter: 4

Notes: Hands do not feel oily (well, because it’s aloe, not oil!) and feel very soft and soothed upon application. This one only seems to last for about 2 hours, though.


Another great way to get smooth hands (and feet, for that matter) is a sugar scrub you can easily make at home. It gently peels away the dead skin. Here’s how to make it:

A small glass jar (don’t use plastic, because it will soak up the oil.)
1 cup sugar
½ cup olive oil
Essential oil of your choice
A metal spoon (plastic and wood will soak up the essential oil)

Pour the sugar and olive oil into the small glass jar. Mix with spoon. Add about 5 drops of essential oil, or until you think it smells good. Mix and enjoy!

Here’s how to use it: When you take a bath, rub on your hands and feet to remove dead cells and moisturize dry skin. Also works great for exfoliating your legs for a closer shave!

Who knew having beautiful skin could be so easy?

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  1. uhm... does this actually work? :/



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