oh the Ingenuity

So, lately, I've been big into making my own jewelry. and by making, I mean buying interesting pendants from crafts stores and designing chains for them and such. Here are some examples of my creations:

For me personally, I just prefer having something original. Something I made, especially funky jewelry. That's really all I can say on that. I'm a very individualistic person so I prefer individualistic things. and honestly, I usually stick to jeans and a t-shirt so I have to have something to spice up the outfit. Usually one of these pieces or a funky scarf will do it for me.
Make something! Take a jewelry making class, take up crotcheting or knitting or something funky and creative! it's always fun to tell people that you made what you're wearing :]



  1. These are awesome, Eden! I especially like the one with the bird. I often times wish I could sew better so I could make my own clothes, so nobody would have the same outfit as me. I have a friend who is making her own prom dress, which I thought was a great idea, because she could make it modest. This is a great idea, because making jewelry is easy and looks great!

  2. I crochet a lot of my own headbands and jewelry and hats and scarves and stuff :) It's fun!



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