Prom Season is Approaching

As we all know and somewhat dread, prom season is quickly approaching us. Whether we are in public school, home schooled, or in private school, we are all hoping to be able to participate in this yearly tradition. The only thing is you have a million questions running through your mind...”What dress should I get; long or short?” “How should I wear my hair; up or down?” “What shoes would look good; heels or flats?” “How can I look modest but still stylish?” Here are some tips to help answer some of your questions.

TIP #1: If you pick a dress that has lots of detail or patterning on it, normally an up-do will look best. With the hair off your shoulders you are able to let the dress do all the talking. You don’t won’t you hair to cover the pretty design that took you weeks to find!

TIP #2: Don’t be afraid to try a bold pattern this year. Bold is in. Have fun picking out a dress that matches your personality! Last year I was able to find a really fun patterned dress but still had the elegance I was looking for.

TIP #3: Wear comfortable shoes. For all those no heels policy girls, don’t feel like your obligated to wear heels. Buy a pair of cute jeweled sandals or flats or pair a cute shorter dress with a pair of converses. (Plus if your date is shorter than you and you have a long dress that covers the tops of your shoes no one will ever know you had to cheat to make your date appear taller :p)

TIP #4: For a real princess look, go pouffy! Every girl wants the ultimate Cinderella dress! What more a perfect opportunity to be a princess than on prom night!

Want to know where I got these dresses? Go to http://www.totallymodest.com/promidx.html!


  1. These are so pretty!! Cute modest dresses are so hard to find! Thank you for the recommendation! :)

  2. I went to that website, but I couldn't find the dress under tip #1. Is that the only place to find it??

  3. Hi! These were posted over a year ago, and they seem to have updated their stock since then. While they no longer have the exact dress, this one is very similar http://www.totallymodest.com/detail.php?ProdId=3108208&CatId=43866&resPos=18#subtitle
    Copy the link and paste it in your browser to see it. I hope this helps you and have a blessed day! ♥



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