Tweeze It!

I thought about calling this post “Conquering the Fear of Doing Your Own Eyebrow Job”, but thought it was a little oxymoron. The scariest thing about doing your eyebrows is knowing that once you remove the hairs, you can can’t put them back and might not see them again for over a month – if ever. Recently I removed one hair that I shouldn’t have and it left a gap in my eyebrow. It doesn’t help that mine are naturally sparse. A brown eyeliner crayon became my best friend for a while. I heard you can use mascara, but I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. I’m just glad mine grow back fast.

The easiest way to change your appearance is by shaping your eyebrows. It brings out the angles in your face and you’ll look cleaner and even a little more mature. If you decide not to get them done professionally at a salon and do them yourself for free (and you feel brave :)), here are some tips and things to think about so you don’t end up making a mistake like me.

1. Make sure you know how much pain you can handle. Tweezing can be very painful for some people. It helps if you hold a wet warm cloth to the area before you start, and if you need to take an ibuprofen tablet, do that as well. After you’re finished tweezing, you can apply lotion or aloe vera gel to prevent breakouts and redness.

2. Have a plan before you start. If you just pluck at random hairs, you’ll end up with those thin line eyebrows nobody wants. Go for the “arched” look the professionals use. Here are some pretty self-explanatory, good picture guidelines:
(You can use the end of a brush or a pencil to make the lines, starting at your nose as a pivot point, and mark where to tweeze with eyeliner.)

3. Remove more hair from the bottom of the eyebrow than the top. Removing too many hairs from the top may ruin your natural arch. Shape from the bottom and just remove straggly hairs above your brow.

4. Remove them the way they grow. Grab the hair with your tweezers and pull the skin back tight as you pull away from the direction of your nose, or whichever way yours grow. Stretching your skin tight while doing this step will make it hurt a whole lot less.

5. Step back and look at what you’ve done so far. This is the mistake I made. I forgot to check if I needed that hair or if it was one that could go and just pulled it out. For this reason, remove one hair at a time, you don’t want to over-tweeze.

Here’s a great video if you need to see some basics of tweezing: (if you’re visual like me :))

Have really light eyebrows or have sparse brows like me? Watch this instructional on how to define your eyebrows:


  1. Good tips, just the part you recommend girls - specially teenagers - to take some sort of drug just to ease the pain of plucking out eyebrowns is not nice at all.
    Stick with the warm bags and herbs infusions applications on the area before doing it.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ticiany. It is a mild painkiller, such as advil or motrin, if it is too painful for the woman to stand. We know how to take them responsibly, like we do duing our time of the month ;)

  3. I don't understand why people would want to change the way that God created them by plucking their eyebrows. It's fake; we are beautiful the way we are. I can understand if you had a unibrow but...



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