How To Apply Mascara

Want long, dark lashes that look natural? Read on as I explain how to apply mascara quickly, easily, and properly. Many women apply mascara every day, but the problem is most of them don’t apply it correctly. Here are my step-by-step directions to beautiful, wide-open eyes.

Step 1: Apply mascara to the top of your upper lashes, starting at the base and finishing at the tips. This is the most common mistake I see girls making, especially if she has light lashes.

Step 2: Now apply to the underside of your upper lashes. Wiggle in a zig-zag pattern as you slowly twirl the wand up. This will separate each lash.

Step 3: Apply to the lower lashes, starting at the base and brushing down. Do only the top of the lower lashes. Applying to both sides is only for the upper lashes.

Step 4: Clean up the mess! If you got mascara on your skin, wait until it dries, then remove with a tissue. The mascara should have hardened and will just flake off.


Clumps in your eyelashes? Take a disposable mascara wand and go though the underside of your upper lashes and the top of your bottom lashes. You can buy these at any store that carries specialty beauty products. This will remove clumps and ultimately separate and define each lash.

Confused by mascara colors? Feel free to experiment, but here’s the simple decision tip: ladies with light colored hair and skin should use brown, and ladies with dark colored hair should use black. You can use these guidelines in experimenting with colored mascara too. If you’re fair-skinned, opt for a lighter color, and if you’re dark-haired, go for a darker color. Clear is a good choice for anyone, especially if you don't want to worry about smearing or running, or just want to go for a look of natural beauty.

Wand pumping? Do NOT do this! Pumping the wand into the container will only create air bubbles and dry out your mascara sooner, causing a lot of those not-so-glamorous clumps.

Lash curler? This can make your eyes look more open and your lashes look longer. If you decide to use one, curl before you apply mascara, not after. You’ll get a line in your eyelashes that obviously does not look natural.

In a hurry? Brush foundation over your face and also on your eyelids and underneath your eyes. If you have dark circles under your eyes, apply concealer before the foundation. Now put on mascara as explained above and you’re ready to go! If you have more time, use Kaley’s Quick & Easy Eye Makeup Tips!


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